​Win Mother's Day with Luxury Hotel Bedding

Posted by Matt Cardoni on 28th Apr 2023

​Win Mother's Day with Luxury Hotel Bedding

Mother's Day is right around the corner, so we compiled gift recommendations to help you finally put that age-old question to rest once and for all: who is mom's favorite child?

It's important to consider where your mother is in life when selecting a thoughtful gift. For example, pregnant mothers may appreciate one of these body/pregnancy pillows for enhanced leg support and reduced hip pressure. Many expecting mothers also tend to sleep on their sides, so check out our blog post about the best bedding for side sleepers.

While side sleepers account for over 50% of the population, there are many stomach- and back-sleepers to consider, and sleep position is essential when selecting the right pillow – so check out our Pillow Buying Guide to be fully informed on how to pick the best pillow. The summary is: soft pillows are ideal for stomach sleepers and medium pillows are better for back sleepers

Another life stage to keep in mind is menopause. Menopause can give women hot flashes, making sleeping even more difficult. Cooling bedding can be a thoughtful gift for women dealing with this issue. We particularly like this oversized, lightweight, down-alternative cooling comforter that offers lightweight coziness with cool-touch fabric that keeps your loved ones comfortably warm without heavy-handed smothering. And remember to check out the matching cooling pillow.

Additionally, cooling mattress pads protect your mattress and result in cooler temperatures to keep you sleeping better. This particular model is thick and plush and adds a layer of comfort for someone with aches and pains. Check out our Comforter Buying Guide for more in-depth directions on selecting the right comforter.

Seniors also have unique needs to consider when buying bedding. While many people sleep better in cooler temperatures, seniors typically prefer warmer temperatures – around seventy-eight degrees. If your mother falls into this category, you may want to consider a winter comforter or all-season comforter to keep them cozy and warm in cooler evenings, a waterproof mattress pad, or other bedding protectors. Our post about selecting the right bedding for seniors has more ideas on this topic.

And if still you feel out of your league when selecting the right gift, remember our gift card! Luxury bedding makes an excellent gift for hard-to-buy-for people.

"Life isn't perfect, but your bed can be."

Photo by Criativa Pix Fotografia