Is Your Bedroom Noisy? Three Ways to Reduce Unwanted Ambient Noise

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 20th Jun 2016

Is Your Bedroom Noisy? Three Ways to Reduce Unwanted Ambient Noise

While some people rely on ambient noise in order to drift off into dreamland, unwanted noise can be distracting and disrupt your sleeping patterns. Living in a healthy home isn’t just about reducing allergens, you also need adequate sleep on a regular basis. By reducing the ambient noise in your bedroom, you’ll find that you sleep more soundly and more peacefully throughout the night. These three tips can help you achieve a serene and quiet space that allows you to get the sleep you need.

1. Add curtains or drapes to your bedroom windows.

Curtains, drapes or other window treatments made of thick, heavy fabric do more than just keep your bedroom space warm and comfortable. These window treatments also can dampen the noises outside your home. With the right window treatments, you’ll be less distracted by wildlife noises, chirping crickets, or the sound of passing cars. This is a simple way to keep these distracting sounds outside of your bedroom, as well as reduce the amount light that may be keeping you awake.

2. Place furniture along walls where noise can enter your bedroom.

Let’s face it, neighbors can be noisy, and reducing “noise bleed” from adjacent living spaces is especially important if you live in a small home or a tiny apartment, according to Apartment Therapy. If you live in an apartment, your bedroom wall might border your neighbor's apartment. If you live in a small house, your bedroom might be close to the children's rooms. By lining furniture on the walls that border other rooms, you can create a buffer zone to lessen the unwanted sounds in your sleeping space. Large furniture will provide additional protection from loud noises, and can make your bedroom a more peaceful place to sleep. You won't hear the argument between your neighbors next door, and you won't be subject to every whimper and snore your young children make. Without these distracting noises, you’ll be able to breathe easy, relax, and go to sleep on your own.

3. Keep your electronic devices in another room in the house.

If we took a poll, we’d probably find out that many of us no longer sleep with a traditional alarm clock; we keep our smartphones, and even computers and tablets, by our bedsides. All of these devices are connected to the Internet, and instantly alert us of every message, e-mail, alarm, notification, and reminder that we set. This technology can be wonderful and may help you streamline your life, but it certainly will not help you sleep at night. Screen time can prevent your body from naturally producing the hormones it needs to go to sleep. In addition, the noises that these devices make will certainly interrupt your ability to relax and sleep soundly all night long. Instead of just turning your devices to vibrate or silent, consider removing them from the room entirely. Let them charge in a separate room, and dust off that old alarm clock! Forget about your phone when you enter the bedroom, and you will find that your sleep improves almost instantly.

You Can Conquer Unwanted Ambient Noise

By removing distractions and eliminating noise in your bedroom, you’re on your way to a better night's sleep. You will wake feeling rested and energized, and ready to start the adventures of the day ahead. You may not even realize all of the noise that enters your bedroom at night until you take steps to minimize those sounds. Now that you have a cozy, quiet and peaceful place to rest, you can lie down and start dreaming.