6 tips for designing the ultimate guest room experience

Posted by Matt Cardoni on 3rd Apr 2023

6 tips for designing the ultimate guest room experience

Who actually likes having guests stay with them? It’s a lot of work, and you want to impress and make them comfortable – right? Your guest may also feel uncomfortable staying with you versus renting accommodations. We compiled thoughtful tips to create the ultimate guest room and a memorable experience. When it comes to designing a bedroom for guests, comfort is key. A guest room should be a welcoming space that combines the amenities of a luxury hotel with the intimacy and charm of a cozy home. To create an inviting space, consider the essentials for any traveler: comfort, sleep, and everyday necessities.

The Bed

Start with making the bed comfortable and accommodating to people with allergies. A nice cooling hypoallergenic mattress pad will help with comfort and temperature in a variety of climates. Layers of blankets and multiple kinds of pillows (with different fill power) or an adjustable pillow that adapts to different positions will be the best way to appeal to a wide range of sleep positions and body temperatures. Topping off the bed with a hypoallergenic down alternative comforter with throw pillows for décor and warmth. At the foot of the bed, have a set of towels folded and ready for your guest’s arrival.


Guest bedrooms can be dark and dingy or overly bright. To combat too much darkness, maximize natural lighting during the day if it’s available, and to shut out the light, black out drapes or curtains can be helpful – since we know sleeping in maximum darkness is ideal; this will allow the guest to adjust light as needed. Be sure to have an automatic nightlight so your guest can move around once it is dark without any accidents. Dimmers help with adjustable light levels and having different lights (night lights, bedside lamps, wall lamps and overhead lights) provide guests options to set the lighting level that suits their situation.

Storage & organization

Provide a place for guests to rest their travel bags and space in a closet or a dresser to prevent guests from feeling like they’re living out of a suitcase. An armoire or standing cabinet can help if you aren’t ready to renovate. Hooks to hang towels, jackets and robes are inexpensive additions of convenience and installing shelves on a wall can be a quick way to expand storage space. A hollow ottoman or decorative cedar chest can enhance decor while expanding storage space as well.


Many travelers need to work on their laptop during their stay. Consider creating an office/work area in your guest room. Here are a few clever tips to creating an effective office area with minimal investment:

  • transform a nook or closet into a work space
  • choose a desk with a small footprint
  • provide a comfortable work chair
  • versatile console tables can adapt to different spacial needs – dining, computer work and a baby changing station can all use the same type of flat surface
  • empty counter space allows guests to put items (keys, laptop, purses, hats, etc)
  • leave a map of the house and identify confusing aspects (including power outlets, cabinets, Wi-Fi login, as well any local maps that might be needed).
  • identify TV/tablet remote controls, provide a universal charging station and ideally a video introducing the space to your guests covering any confusing or unique aspects.
  • create a video or offer a live walking tour so guests know where the bathroom and important common areas are without the map.


Find two night stands for each guest room if possible. If they do not match the rest of the room, it’s easy to remedy with some paint. Place a candle on each nightstand with a clean cotton hypoallergic scent as well as lavender oil for relaxation and comfort. LED candles have made remarkable progress recently with realistic flickering flames and real wax. A small reading lamp will also be a great fit in this area. Use a tray to place on the other nightstand with comfortable luxury items like fresh cucumber, distilled water in a pitcher, fresh flowers in a vase, snacks, and toiletries. A bluetooth speaker, TV and an alarm clock can be helpful and thoughtful touches as well.

Be the Guest

The best way to see if you forgot anything is to spend a night in your guest bedroom as a guest in your home. It will help you see things you might not have anticipated or if you are missing anything for the ultimate comfortable experience. (And if you did, don’t forget to ask to speak with the manager!)

Photo by Jean van der Meulen