What Hotels Use DOWNLITE bedding?

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 24th Aug 2020

What Hotels Use DOWNLITE bedding?

One of the top consumer questions we get is, what hotels use our bedding? So we actually supply hotel pillows and hotel bedding to thousands of properties across the world. We have a great self serve tool to look up hotels by their name. It's important to note that many large national hotels don't like anyone using their brand name. As a result most of the popular national 3, 4 and 5 star hotels won't show on the tool. No worries, simply email us a picture of the law label (especially the teeny tiny numbers on the bottom of the label).

Most of our items have our logo label on them. Don't send us a picture of that as it has no item specific info on it. Instead we need the really Draconian looking law label attached to the item.

What are some commonly asked questions about hotel bedding?

"I was at a Marriot on a business trip—what do they use?" This is a good start as they tend to use a few styles and we can narrow down the items down pretty quickly.

"I liked the squishy pillow at the Westin." We love how many adjectives consumers send to us to describe their perfect experience! The problem is that my soft is your firm is someone else’s medium. This hotel uses two specific styles of pillows, so that law label information is critical to get you the perfect match. Sheraton hotels use the same style pillows as the Westin (as well as the W and Four Points).

“I was at a national hotel near London and loved the pillows—how can I buy them?” While US brand hotels do usually have 'like' brand standards, going internationally, those standards differ and it is very hard to research those hotels (who usually buy from a local supplier). The best thing to do is send a picture of the law label so we can research it for you.

"I was in room 212 at a Comfort Inn. I slept on the right side with the not big pillow" - This is always a tough one as many 3 star hotels/motels are owned by franchisees who might not use the 'brand standard'. This property should use one of 3 styles they allow - but it’s honestly random and very hard to match. In those cases we like to recommend our Intelli-pedic 3 in 1 adjustable pillow as it uses a similar gel fiber and an EnviroLoft like fiber is also used. Plus the adjustable pillow can be mix and matched for the density you want.

Now let's say we get the correct information and have vetted it—what next? We always want to recommend just buying one pillow and testing at home first. We want to spare you and us the not so fun return situation experience. Don't worry we have a very friendly return policy. Many times there is coupon codes for your second purchase, so don't fret about the initial one time shipping expense (if applicable). Whatever you do, don't buy 8 pillows, just to try one and then look to return that massive shipment. We also discourage the 'buy one of every style' option knowing you’re going to want to return all except one pillow (it saves both of us money and the environment one less box in the mail).

A brand new pillow will be plump and crisp and well brand new. So will it feel 100% like the pillow you enjoyed at the Hyatt that may have been used 300 times prior to you? No, it won't. There is a lag time to get that broken-in feeling you enjoyed. One tip to break in pillows is to use them the couch for a couple weeks before sleeping on them.

In cases where we can't find the perfect match, one of our adjustable pillows is the perfect way to mix and match comfort levels.

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