How to Read a Law Label

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 5th Mar 2020

How to Read a Law Label

If you've ever bought bedding you may have seen a long crinkly label sewn onto the item with 'UNDER PENALTY OF LAW DO NOT REMOVE'. This is the law label and helps us identify items.

In order to validate what item you have, or are trying to find and purchase, you need to have the style number or the job number.

law label.jpg

A. The style number is the part number we use to identify that specific item - but not all labels have this listed.

B. The job number is an internal reference for the batch of items that was made on a given day.

Additional Info:

If you're in a hotel please don't rip off the law label - instead take a picture.

If the law label mentions a 'Lot #', ignore it, this is not helpful information for our purposes.

If you're feeling restless at night and would like to learn more about labeling - check out IABFLO (International Association of Bedding and Furniture Law Officials). This organization establishes rules on how to label furniture and bedding.

For additional information we've created this law label video.