​Secret Tips Behind Making the Perfect Hotel Bed

Posted by Matt Cardoni on 13th Sep 2023

​Secret Tips Behind Making the Perfect Hotel Bed

Hotel guests love sinking into a perfectly made bed with crisp, smooth sheets and beautifully designed hotel bedding. But achieving that designer boutique hotel bed look requires insider techniques known only to experienced hotel staff. After changing thousands of sheets, they have perfected the artform of making a bed.

We’ve pulled back the duvet on the secrets of crafting a beautiful hotel bed.

Start with High Quality Linens

Designing a beautiful hotel bed begins with layers of protectors to preserve the hotel’s costly assets. High thread count linens are essential: sheets, duvets, hotel comforters and pillows that feel ultra-soft against the skin and yet are durable enough to withstand frequent washing are a crucial component to creating the luxurious hotel bed experience. Cheap sheets with low thread counts won’t have that same buttery texture. So the first step is sourcing the best linens you can afford.

Fitted Sheets Are Key

Wrinkles and loosely-fitted sheets should be avoided at all costs to achieve the designer hotel bed look. The secret is to pull the fitted sheet very taut so there are no air pockets under the sheet. Dive into each corner and smooth out all creases. Tightly fitted sheets keep blankets and top sheets firmly in place without bunching fabric.

Hospital Corners Make Tidy Bed Corners

Hospital corners means tight edges and no extra hanging fabric. To create this tidy look, tuck the fitted sheet under the mattress, then fold the loose corner back on itself, creating a neat triangle fold. Some hotels use bedskirts instead of exposed fitted sheets, but the principle is the same - tightly wrap the mattress in fabric.

Roll Blankets and Duvets for a Polished Look

Rolling blankets vertically at the foot of the bed creates an elegant finish. The same goes for duvets. Begin by centering the duvet on the bed, then tightly roll the duvet vertically from the bottom up. Keep the edges parallel with the sides of the bed to maintain visual precision. To tie the look together, you can wrap the roll in a duvet cover that matches or complements the sheets and pillows.

Fold Top Sheets Precisely

Crisply folding top sheets into tight rectangles or triangles shows attention to detail. Housekeepers recommend pulling the top sheet very taut while placing hospital corners perfectly underneath both sides of the mattress. A tight top sheet prevents wrinkles and creases and finishes the sheeting with a pleasing orderly appearance.

Fluff and Arrange Pillows

Fluff and arrange pillows aggressively and regularly to achieve the robust pillow look and to prolong the life of the pillow. Squaring off corners and edges makes pillows look beautifully plump and inviting. Down and down alternative pillows hold their shape well, while cheaper polyfill pillows tend to flatten more easily.

Add Decorative Touches

A mint on the pillow and a thoughtfully placed throw blanket at the foot of the bed add a warm, welcoming feel. Rolled hand towels on nightstands create an elegant look. Some hotels add luxury touches like ornate pillows, folding towels into unique shapes, and offering aromatherapy elements.

Inspect from All Angles

The mark of a perfectly made bed is that it looks beautiful from all angles. Do a final walk around, as if your manager were there – smoothing imperfections and straightening edges until the bed meets your standards.

Change Sheets Frequently

You may have wondered “how do hotels keep their bedding so white?” High-end hotels change linens after every guest stay. For a 5-star bed experience at home, wash sheets at least every week or two, and get new bedding when it gets worn or faded.

Master these hotel housekeeping tips and you can create a luxury hotel bed presentation every night and for every guest. Little touches like tightly tucking sheets and precisely rolling pillows make a big difference in achieving designer hotel style. With the right technique and proper bedding, you can be proud of the hotel bed experience you create for your guests and for your home critics.

Photo by Ron Lach