Healthy Sleep Starts with Your Bedding

2nd Oct 2017

Healthy Sleep Starts with Your Bedding

Sleep has a lot to do with your health. It is not just a matter of how long you sleep, quality of sleep is just as important. When you don’t get enough sleep, you go through the day forgetting things, feeling stressed, and even putting yourself at risk for injury.

After addressing their personal sleep habits, most people tend to focus on getting the right mattress to help them improve their sleep. But what most don't realize is having the wrong bedding affects sleep, too. You can spend hundreds, or thousands of dollars for a new mattress when all you really need is the right combination of bedding and linens.

The good news is, it might take less to fix your sleeping problem than you realize. Start with things on your bed. Buy new luxury hotel beddingsheets, and hotel pillows, then work up to a mattress if necessary.

Make it Breathable

Breathability is allowing air to flow through to help maintain proper body temperature. A blanket that is too hot will have you tossing and turning. When you are too cold, you wake up with body aches from tucking in to stay warm. Bedding products, whether a pillow, a mattress pad, or sheet set; should allow for air circulation. When the air is moving around under the covers, you are more comfortable. Natural fiber gives the most breathability. Cotton and wool are better options than a synthetic material like polyester. See our cool touch bedding collection for more options.

Top Quality Construction

Construction matters when it comes to bedding. When you look at down bedding, take note of the fill power, a measure that defines the insulating ability. Down comforters with high fill power are warmer, yet lighter, making sure you stay comfortable at night while still offering the breathability you need to ensure that you don't overheat. Check for the sewing construction as well. For comforters, look for sewn-thru. This means the filling will not shift inside the comforter.

Get a Feel for It

The right tactile comfort, like what you’ll find in silky cotton sateen, can help promote more restful sleep. On top of being uncomfortable, rough bedding can also cause health problems like skin rashes or allergies. Don’t rely on thread count alone! A high thread count should be softer and more pliable, but sometimes high thread counts are a result of doubling up. Making the fabric feel thick and scratchy.

The Importance of Appearance

You might think color selection and pattern have more to do with décor, but they can affect sleep, as well. A loud color or busy pattern will be distracting when you are trying to drift off to sleep. You may love the contrast of your bright sheets with the stripes in your bolster cover, but your “fun” bedding may not be the best at promoting restful slumber. Eye catching colors are typically used to help keep the brain alert. The last thing you want in your bedroom.

Keep It Versatile

Bedding comfort is very much an individual preference. The bedding that's helping you sleep might be keeping your partner up. Look for products that are comfortable for you both. This means when you're shopping for a shared bed, both parties are present. This may mean you need to buy a separate bedding to make sure everyone is comfortable.