Why a $50 Bedding Set Isn't Worth It

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 8th Feb 2017

Why a $50 Bedding Set Isn't Worth It

It sounds like a dream come true. You see an amazing bedding set on clearance at your favorite store and it's the exact color palette you've been looking for! You can redecorate your King-sized bed for only $50. However, you should wait and consider your purchase. An inexpensive bedding set may not be the best investment for your home or your sleep.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the best bang for your buck

Check the Thread Count

Freshome recommends checking the thread count on any type of bedding before you make your final purchase. A basic, inexpensive fabric may offer a thread count of 80. A low thread count will not lead to comfortable and luxurious nights of sleep. High-end fabrics will offer thread counts up to 500 (any higher and you'll get a very thick fabric). Another way to test the quality of the sheets you are purchasing is to hold them up to the light. If you can see the light through the sheets, chances are they've been created with a low thread count, and you should consider paying a bit more for higher quality bed sheets.

Understand Fill Power

Fill power is a measurement used in down products, including comforters. According to HGTV, a buyer purchasing a down comforter should understand what fill power is before they make their final purchase. Fill power is measured by sitting a calibrated weight on one ounce of down. Where the weight rests after one minute determines the fill power. The higher the fill power, the better the ability to retain warmth. See our video to learn more!

Know the Facts About Dye

Many people choose bedding that coordinates with the color palette of their bedroom. Real Simple notes that you should be choosing bedding that is made from quality-dyed yarn instead of bedding that is dyed after it is woven. If the bedding is dyed after it has been woven, the color will likely fade as you continue to wash and launder it. Bedding created from colored yarns is more expensive than other bedding, but it will maintain its beauty for a longer period of time.

Research the Materials

You will want to purchase hotel bedding that is made from the finest materials. Materials will determine the level of comfort that is offered by the bedding and define its durability. Experts in the industry agree that bedding made from Pima or Egyptian cotton is the most luxurious, but there are many other fine options available that are not quite as expensive. We are big fans of TENCEL Lyocell bedding for its smooth to the touch feeling and excellent cooling and moisture wicking properties. As long as you know the materials your bedding is made from, you will be able to decide if it is the right choice for you.

Pick the Right Bedding Today

A $50 bedding set may seem like a great deal at that moment, but remember; you don't want to purchase new bedding every year. You may get home, put the bedding in the wash, and find that it's damaged after its first round in the laundry. This will be frustrating, disappointing, and ultimately, a waste of money. Invest wisely and do your research before you purchase down comforters or other bedding sets for your home. After all, you want to rest each night in a comfortable and beautiful environment.