Why Do My 1000 Thread Count Sheets Make Me Sweat?

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 24th Apr 2016

Why Do My 1000 Thread Count Sheets Make Me Sweat?

The bedding industry has created a whole sensation about high thread count sheets. Supposedly, the higher the number the better. Sheets with a thread count of 1000 would obviously be super luxurious and not cause sweating, right? Well, not necessarily! Most high thread count sheets you see in stores and online use double, triple, or quadruple twisted yarns. That means thicker yarns are inserted in the production of the sheet fabric. It also means the sheet itself is thicker, and because the process utilizes a lot of material, the sheets will feel heavy. These sheets can block air, trap body heat, and make you sweat.

Thread Count

What exactly is thread count? Thread count is the number of yarns per square inch of fabric. It is calculated by adding the warp (length) yarns, to the weft (width) yarns. If you have 100 warp and 130 weft, your final thread count would be 230. Thread count isn't the only factor in making a super luxurious fabric; there's also yarn size.

Yarn size determines the weight of the fabric. The higher the number for size, the lighter the fabric. Meaning, a fabric with a yarn size of 20 will feel much heavier than a fabric with a yarn size of 60. Think of comparing a standard cotton t-shirt with a flowy blouse. The blouse is much thinner and lighter.

What We Do at DOWNLITE

At DOWNLITE we value high thread count  bed sheets as much as our customers, but with a twist. The highest thread count we choose to carry is 600. Any higher number would require a more complex weave, and would create thicker, heavier sheets. We choose to stick to simple weaves for our sheets, which allows plenty of airflow, and keeps you cool.

As you search for the most comfortable sheets for your home, remember, if you get night sweats or too much warmth from your sheets, upgrade! Our TENCEL® pillowcases have a cool touch feel that help you sleep comfortably. We also carry luxurious Stearns & Foster® PrimaCool™ sheets which also feature TENCEL®. Give these a try, and never experience heavy uncomfortable sheets again.

Learn more about the benefits of TENCEL bedding from our video: Why Buy TENCEL Bedding?