Where To Buy Hotel Bedding?

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 6th Jan 2017

Where To Buy Hotel Bedding?

Over the years many fine properties have upgraded their luxury hotel bedding as an added amenity to consumers. Now you can find hotel bedding available from all kinds of establishments like: motels, hotels, cruise lines, luxury inns, and boutique resorts. Because a good night's sleep is so important, these establishments are constantly busy upgrading their accommodations to stand out to be better than their competitors.

Bring the Comfort Home

Hotel bedding upgrades means everything on their bed is regularly improved with the best quality. Probably the most sought after item from a good hotel bedding experience, is the hotel pillow. Luckily, many hotels allow guests a method in which to buy the same bedding they used at their hotel. Many larger properties routinely place a brochure or catalog within the room detailing bedding items for purchase. Unfortunately, some hotels are not large enough to offer a dedicated guest fulfillment program, so the hotel guest is left to find another method of locating and purchasing the same kind of quality bedding for their home use.

Where To Look

The best way to find out where to buy the hotel bedding for home is to look at the law label. All bedding, according to FTC regulations, has to have a law label sewn onto each article of bedding by the manufacturer. Most consumers jokingly know these as the 'Do Not Remove By Penalty of Law' tag. When bedding companies make bedding, they commonly use a style number or description on the bedding tag. Downlite uses a model number like HOS100PI0050-WHI-020-026 to describe our bedding. Most bedding also features a manufacturer brand tag and it is very common for a consumer to Google the manufacturer name to find their company website to learn if they sell bedding. Don’t be fooled by resellers of bedding, go straight to the manufacturer.

To find the law label on a pillow, you have to first remove the pillowcase and then remove the pillow protector (which is commonly zippered on). Finally, you should be able to see the law label and view the model number or description. If you see a RN #, ignore it, that simply is the code which tells you the manufacturer's name. Always be sure to include additional information if you’re at a hotel to make sure you can find the hotel supplier later after your visit. Jot down the hotel name, city, state, and law label information (you might even take a photo of it).

Finding the law label on a hotel comforter is sometimes easier when many hotels do what is called double or triple sheeting. This is basically just extra big flat sheets that sandwich a blanket or comforter, then they are decoratively folded over. They act in the same way as a duvet cover to protect and keep the comforter from being touched by hotel guests.

Usually the items in a hotel room that cannot be purchased are: bed spreads, bed skirts, and decorative tops of bed pieces. These items are often unavailable for consumers because they are furnished by a special firm which cuts and sews the decorative fabrics 'branding' them as specified by the hotel. Therefore, these hotel items are exclusively available for purchase just to that hotel chain.