What Your Sleeping Positions Says About Your Personality

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 20th Mar 2016

What Your Sleeping Positions Says About Your Personality

It’s no secret that we all have bedtime habits. There’s nothing like getting cozy and laying down in the way that feels just right. You probably have a favorite sleeping position that always ensures you get sound sleep, and believe it or not, your go-to might have something to say about your character and disposition. Think about it as analyzing your body language while you’re sleeping; your habits reveal some of your basic personality traits.

Do any of these popular sleeping positions say something about you?

The Fetal Position

Are you a side sleeper? Laying curled up on one side is the most popular sleeping position in the world. People who favor it tend to put up a strong, tough front when they first meet someone, but they’re introverts at heart. Usually, they’re slow to open up to new people, but when they do, they are very open, easygoing and friendly. They put a tough face on for the exterior world, but are really quite sensitive on the inside.

The Reacher Position

This is the typical position where a person stretches their arms away from their body while they’re sleeping on their side. The cynics in your life may be “reachers.” Those who prefer this sleep position are open to new things, but suspicious at the same time. They set very high standards for themselves. They also make decisions carefully, weighing the pros and cons of each side before choosing. While it may take this type of sleeper a while to make a decision, they rarely have any regrets about it once they do make it. Sound like you?

The Log Position

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “I slept like a log last night,” maybe you’ve visualized this position before. The person sleeps on their side with their arms laying flat against their body; looking just like a straight log! Those who prefer sleeping this way are quite sociable and easygoing. It’s thought that they trust others without doubt, which can make them somewhat gullible and easily cheated in different situations. However, their exceptionally friendly natures makes them very likeable and they almost always have a lot of friends. Think of the social butterflies in your life.

The Starfish Position

Rarer than the average fetal position sleeper, starfish sleepers lay on their backs with their arms up by the sides of their heads. Thought to be good listeners and loyal friends, starfish sleepers are quick to offer help to those who need it. They also like to make a difference while in the background rather than in the spotlight. These people make some of the best friends; ring any bells?

The Soldier Position

Attention! In this position, the person sleeps on their back with their arms straight against their sides, and resembles a soldier ready to receive the “At ease!” order. Those who prefer to sleep this way are loners. They keep to themselves, and avoid drama as much as they can. However, if they are in charge of other people, they are almost like drill sergeants, and tend to be very tough on those they supervise.

The Skydive Position

Any stomach sleepers out there? This is the most rare of the sleeping positions. It involves a person laying on their stomach with their arms raised above their head, only their head is turned to one side just like they’re skydiving. Those who prefer this position are usually very bold, confident people who are enthusiastic about everything and love to have fun. Really, life is one big party to them. However, don’t let their extroverted traits fool you--they can be thin-skinned and sensitive to criticism. People who are skydive sleepers probably wouldn’t do well in a career that involves rejection, such as acting.

Intriguing, and Well, Kind of True!

It’s interesting to think about what our bedtime habits say about us as people. You could even be a conglomeration of these personality traits if you have more than one go-to sleeping position. Aside from that, it’s kind of fun to try and pinpoint what type of sleepers your friends and family could be based on their personalities. Whether these descriptions ring true for you or not, they are no doubt thought-provoking. No matter what, make sure you have a great  bed pillow.