Very Superstitious

Posted by Jess Tedrick on 31st Oct 2018

Very Superstitious

We're at our most vulnerable when we sleep. With the lights out and our minds occupied with dreams, we can't pay attention to what may be sneaking around beside the beds. Maybe that's why there are so many superstitions around sleep. 

Here are just a few things to consider this Halloween before you fall asleep...

  • If you turn a mattress on Sunday you will have nightmares for the next week. You can also keep a fork under your pillow to ward them off.
  • dream catcher will trap nightmares in its web while the good dreams breeze through the hole in the middle.
  • When you can't sleep, it's because you are awake in someone else's dreams. Or you need a warmer down comforter.
  • Single women who sleep with a slice of wedding cake under their pillow can catch a glimpse of their future husband in their dreams.
  • Don't place a mirror in front of your bed. Your soul may get caught inside of it. And don't lay your hat on the bed or you risk transferring evil spirits from the hat to your bed.
  • According to Feng Shui, the left side of the bed is associated with money and health. Start your morning off on the right side by getting out of bed on the left.
  • In the 1800's, many people made beds of iron and incorporated mirrors into the design. Iron was often thought to ward off evil spirits and the idea behind the mirrors was to scare off the spirits by confronting them with their own ugly image.
  • If you talk in your sleep, it may be an indicator that you have an enemy.
  • Sweeping under the bed where someone is sleeping will cause them to have bad luck.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween from Downlite!