Snoozing While Cruising - Get the Best Sleep While At Sea

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 19th Apr 2021

Snoozing While Cruising - Get the Best Sleep While At Sea

Although we read and hear a lot about the cruise industry, many are surprised to discover that just 15% of Americans have actually taken a cruise. The small number is good news for the industry, because they see a massive growth opportunity in the 85% who have not yet sampled this unique form of vacationing. This marketing opportunity will result in most of us receiving enticing offers to try a cruise.

There are many checklists and filters available to help new cruisers decide on their best choice - number of nights, ports of call, ship size, onboard amenities, food quality, etc. At Downlite, we focus on the first, the number of nights, and how they can be made the most comfortable. Indeed we furnish some of the largest cruise ships in the world with our down and down alternative hotel bedding. For example, The Crystal Cruise Line features hotel bedding made by DOWNLITE.

Comfort is king - or is it??

At home, you are usually looking for a mattress that satisfies your firmness and comfort preferences. Completed with a mattress pad, quality sheets, comforter, and quality pillows, your bed at home is your personal, comfy nest.

Outfitters of cruise ships, on the other hand, have additional considerations in mind, especially space, maintenance, durability, and cost, sometimes leading to uncomfortable mattresses that are too hard or too thin. In response to the problem, some cruise ship lines now feature their luxury bedding as a selling point. If you do find yourself on an uncomfortable mattress, consider an ultra plush top feather bed for extra comfort and/or a super-plush mattress pad. Many cruise lines make them available, and, like your favorite hotel pillow, or soft down blanket, you can also bring one along.

The best reputations.

The top tier of cruise ship lines offering the most comfortable bedding includes Holland America Line, Oceania, and Regent. Experienced cruisers know that the specific ship you are considering, and when it was last renovated, is the most important consideration.

What to look for.

Choosing the specific location of your rooms is one of the fun, and important, aspects of booking your cruise. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Choose the center of the ship for less motion; fore and aft will provide a bit more rocking motion.
  • Avoid the lower rear due to engine and anchor noise.
  • Avoid rooms close to elevators, gyms.
  • Avoid areas with numerous adjoining rooms - they may be booked by a large group of revelers.

Before you go.

Bring your favorite soft pillow and pillowcase. These are the most easily controlled components of your luxury hotel bedding, and the most portable. Since you are not packing and moving hotels every day or two, it’s much easier to do than you might think. Check and see if your line offers additional bed toppers for comfort (fiber bed feather bed, or just an extra thick mattress pad).. If they do, reserve one just in case the bed is firmer then you like,

Cruising can be a great vacation choice for those seeking full comfort and an all-inclusive vacation. Just don’t forget to plan the most important part of your day - the eight hours of delicious sleep waiting at the end.

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And if you liked the bedding you experienced while cruising, or while staying in a hotel, you can search here to find it and purchase it for your home.

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