​It’s So Much More Than A Bedtime Story

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 27th Nov 2020

​It’s So Much More Than A Bedtime Story

"Please, just one more story." Does this remind you of something or someone? The ritual of reading before bed is a gift you can give or receive at any age.

Reading a book to your children in the evening has many virtues. In addition to sharing a special moment with them, you participate in the construction of their identity and education.

In this fast-paced world, the evening story can frame the day for everyone. It is also an opportunity to share a moment of comfortable complicity, deep under a warm comforter.

When can you begin reading to your child? The earlier the better; don't hesitate to read your child books from birth. The toddler will hear the poetry of the words, watch your mouth telling the story, and be captivated. Here are recommendations of the top 125 kids’ books from the New York Public Library. Pat the Bunny, Goodnight Moon, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar are classics to help you get started.

Snuggling into a comfortable bed with a body pillow or a euro pillow for support and a good book is a moment of calm in which the parent is fully devoted to the child. Parents are not preoccupied and the child feels privileged, as if nothing else exists other than you two.

In addition to the warm and loving feelings created, it's no secret that reading aloud is beneficial for children's development. Reading not only stimulates the development of language and reading comprehension, but also speech, listening, and concentration skills.

An OECD study shows that regardless of social background, a child who reads a story every night has better academic results than those who read a story once a week or a month. The study estimates that the difference between these two children is equivalent to six months of school learning.

Another study carried out by researchers at New York University also shows the importance of reading in education for children, but also ... for dads. Reading promotes language learning and development in children, and also shows that the fathers who participated in the study were more considerate of their children.

Tips for successful reading

  1. Choose the book.

Focus on stories that relax and gently stimulate the imagination. A little magic allows a smooth departure into dreamland. Let your child choose the book themself. Don't be surprised if they always choose the same book. Children want repetition because they need structure. Knowing what is coming calms them.

  1. Create a bedtime ritual.

Try to read at the same time and the same place as much as possible. Maximum comfort is essential, so find a comfortable bed with quality bedding. Consider the cozy effect of adding a lightweight blanket, decorative pillows and soft lighting to the usual bedding such as a down comforter and soft pillows.

  1. Introduce the book.

Explore the cover together before reading and try to guess what the story will be about. It stimulates your child's imagination and makes them curious and enthusiastic. During or after the story, you will find out together if you were on the right track.

  1. Animate your voice.

Bring the story to life by animating your voice. Vary your intonation and volume of your voice, whisper certain parts or emphasize certain passages by speaking louder; imitate the animals in a story. Throw yourself into the role; your intent should be to lure your captive audience into wanting to read the next page.

  1. Involve your child in the reading.

While reading, it is important to involve your child. Questions usually come spontaneously, but if your child’s attention wanders, take the initiative yourself and ask them what they think about something or what would happen after a certain passage. This holds their attention and stimulates them to think about the rest of the plot.

So, go ahead, sit next to each other in bed, surrounded by hotel quality bedding. The right bedding, pillows and comforters enhance the enjoyment of a great story together. The timeless and traditional bonding and learning experience that is bedtime reading will create memories that will last forever.

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