How To Fluff a Feather Bed

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 19th Jan 2017

How To Fluff a Feather Bed

Who doesn't love a freshly fluffed feather bed that you can sink into? The reason why folks love feather beds is that they get to experience a plush cloud-like comfort which feather beds provide. Feather beds come in a few different styles ranging from baffle box, channel and the Euro bag. Sometimes the products are quilted or feature a polyester or down top for comfort. In all cases, feather beds can benefit from occasional fluffing to keep that dreamy sink-in experience.

Steps to a Good Fluffing

If you have a baffle box feather bed, whether down-topped, poly-topped, or quilted-topped, the following steps detail how to properly fluff:

Step 1 - Loosen the fitted sheet so that it does not cover the mattress, and instead clings only to the feather bed.

Step 2 - Start at one side of the bed (left or right); take and fold that side towards the middle. When folded, starting at the head, give a series of karate chops towards the middle. Then do the same for the bottom. Don't be afraid to punch or hit the feather bed; the fabric is meant to withstand heavy duty usage. Once 'chopped' thoroughly, release and let the folded section fall back into its original place.

Step 3 - Repeat the same step 2 for the other side of the bed.

Step 4 - Now taking both hands, take the foot of the feather bed, shake and position the feather bed back into place so that the corners are aligned with the mattress.

Step 5 - Reattach your fitted sheet back on your mattress, and voila! Dream worthy sleep awaits you!

If you have a channel style feather bed, whether vertical or horizontal, the fluffing process is similar,; except you want to make sure the filling is chopped to the area where your heaviest weight will be, usually the torso section.

If you have a Euro bag style feather bed, you will want to chop in the middle, then work your way towards the end of the bed. Basically make sure the loose filling provides you comfort for where you sleep.


You can not machine wash a feather bed, so we strongly recommend keeping a feather bed protector on your feather bed.

Even the best feather bed with a high down percentage will occasionally poke through the fabric. We recommend adding a mattress pad over the feather bed to protect from any rebellious quills.