​How to Buy Hotel Linens

Posted by Elizabeth Kennedy on 12th Aug 2019

​How to Buy Hotel Linens

You’ve probably stayed in a hotel and fell in love with how comfortable the pillows were or how luxurious the shower gel was. You probably even considered snitching something from the hotel room to take home a little slice of that luxury and comfort. We can’t help you figure out where to buy that exclusively crafted shower gel, but we can share how to find some hotel favorites when your stay is through!

We’re the pillow and linen experts, but we do know that many of the hotel bedding items you like from your favorite hotel are available for purchase. Many prominent hotel groups will offer a guest resale program or a catalog with some of the products that are used to decorate their lavish rooms. Keep in mind that some hotels are franchised and may have different products than the corporate-owned hotels do.

While it may be tempting to steal that fluffy bathrobe, you might actually regret it. Most hotels will charge you full price for the robe, so you might as well just go ahead and purchase a fresh new one. If you like a piece of decor in your hotel room, you can also try to use Amazon’s visual search tool so that you can find it easily (most likely at a discount too!). Your best bet for locating any hotel item is to ask at the front desk prior to checkout where you can find your favorite(s)!

Our area of expertise is helping you find hotel bedding: the hotel pillowsblankets and hotel comforters. Ideally, the pillow, blanket, or comforter will still have a DOWNLITE label attached. From here, we can at least deduce what kind of material the items are made from and possibly even the manufacturer. If the pillow you like has the word “sterilized” printed on the label, you can assume that it is made of a natural material like down or feathers. If you’re looking at a DOWNLITE product, you will find a tiny number beginning with a “J” or an “F” on the bottom of law label. To make sure you don’t have any trouble finding the right product, snap a picture with your phone so you won't forget! Remember it is the law label that has the product information needed to verify what item you love.

If you want assistance finding a DOWNLITE product from your favorite hotel, don’t hesitate to send us an email. If you do take a picture of the tag, you're welcome to send that our way so that we can give you the exact product you’re looking for(You can send to