Hotel Bedding Recommendations for Business Travelers

Posted by Jacqueline Fuller on 4th Feb 2019

Hotel Bedding Recommendations for Business Travelers

Getting a good night’s sleep while traveling for business can make or break your business trip. Hotels know how important it is for their guests to have quality sleep while they travel, so many offer their guests luxury bedding. You know the feeling: you slip between smooth, soft sheets while cuddling a comfy pillow on a dreamy king-size bed. That’s the kind of business travel bedding experience we want you to have. So we created a list of our favorite business travel bedding recommendations:

  1. Pillow: Since it’s the first thing your head will touch when you crawl into bed after a long day, it’s important that your pillow is not only comfortable, but also allergen-free. We recommend pillows composed of allergen-free treated materials such as down and down alternatives.
  2. Pillow Case: Don't settle for a pillow case that makes your skin feel damp and uncomfortable. We recommend TENCEL® Lyocell pillowcases for their amazing cooling abilities and silky touch. TENCEL Lyocell is made in an eco-friendly way and offers a true botanical sleeping solution.
  3. Sheets: Sheets are an essential layer of bedding comfort, which is why it is important to use silky soft materials like long staple cotton or TENCEL Lyocell with higher thread counts (300 to 500 TC ).
  4. Comforter: When considering a comforter, you should consider things like weight, fill, warmth, and softness. We enjoy a good goose down lightweight comforter. It provides a more consistent temperature year-round compared to synthetic fills; it also naturally makes for a fluffy, soft experience.
  5. Mattress Pad: A good mattress pad will enhance your sleeping experience. We recommend a bamboo blend mattress pad, which has top quilted fabric that is silky to the touch and helps transport body heat for a more comfortable night's sleep.

The next time you enjoy a prime sleep experience at a hotel, keep track of the bedding that you enjoyed. That way, you’ll know what specifics to request during your future stay and what you may want to purchase for your own home. DOWNLITE offers the same hotel bedding that luxury hotels use. Pro tip: you can use DOWNLITE’s Hotel Bedding Finder to find your favorite hotel bedding and purchase it from our online shop. We wish you safe, happy, and comfortable future business travel.