Sleeping Sustainably

Posted by Jess Tedrick on 11th Oct 2018

Sleeping Sustainably

With the news that we are headed for a major climate disaster, eco-friendly products should be on everyone’s mind. So we switch out our plastic straws for reusable ones, conserve water while we brush our teeth, but what about consumer bedding and hotel bedding?

  • Look for products that have sustainably grown/raised elements. A great way to ensure that your down matches this guideline is to look for the RDS (responsible down sourcing) logo on packaging for down pillowsdown comforters and more. But what makes something sustainably grown? For the most part, it just means that the nutrients removed from the soil are being replaced in a natural way, that the growing is done without harming the local environment, and that there are minimal to no chemicals used in the growing process. Cotton, bamboo, and other natural materials used in bedding can all be grown sustainably. 
  • Another great way to help is to look for products that are made from recycled materials.You can also shop for products that use materials that are bio-degradable.
  • Know the lingo
    • Organic- no GMOs, chemicals, or pesticides were used in the growing process.
    • Sustainable- the land was not harmed by the growing process.
    • Beyond Organic- a push from organic farmers to ensure that workers are given fair pay and livestock are treated humanely.
    • Eco-friendly- not harmful to the environment

Here at Downlite, we are working hard to introduce more sustainable practices into our operations. Our line of rolled pillows help to conserve space on delivery trucks so that more can be transported in one trip. We’ve also installed our own water treatment system to enable us to use our water more efficiently, safely, and sustainably. 

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