Get Inspired: 4 Amazing Hotels with Unbelievable Style

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 30th Jun 2016

Get Inspired: 4 Amazing Hotels with Unbelievable Style

What makes a good hotel a great one? Out-of-this-world style that gets hotels a standing ovation from guests and critics alike.

Any property can boast comfort, luxurious hotel bedding and fine amenities. The establishments getting the highest marks, however, add just a little bit more to their design. From modern glamour to old world sophistication, take a look at four hotels that you will yearn to see up close.

1. Vintage Glamour – The Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, New York

Not just any room at the Plaza, either. The Fitzgerald Suite, in particular, that gets this hotel on the list.

The Fitzgerald honored here is none other than F. Scott, one of the Plaza’s most famous patrons. This suite honors the writer by showing off details that recreate the glamorous style of his life and writing.

The look of Fitzgerald Suite, sometimes called The Great Gatsby, was created by Academy Award winning designer Catherine Luhrmann. It offers magnificent domed ceilings and 1920s Odeon Glass Fringe Chandeliers. On the walls are portraits of the cast of the 2013 production of The Great Gatsby, which featured Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay and Carey Mulligan as Daisy-, alongside pictures of the author and his wife Zelda. The hotel bedding and towels carry the monograms of Jay Gatsby and Daisy, as well.

Sprinkled throughout the room are other celebrations of life in the Roaring 20s.

  • Cast-iron Brooklyn Bridge bookends
  • French glass cloches
  • Vintage board games
  • A gramophone-shaped iPhone and iPad speaker
  • Tiffany & Co. playing cards

To top off the glamour, guests enjoy a complimentary bottle of Moët champagne and take-home His and Hers flasks.

2. Minimalist Chic – Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

What makes the Wythe Hotel elegant is not so much what it has, but more what is missing. The Wythe is a refurbished red-brick factory building that sits on the waterfront of Brooklyn’s notoriously hipster neighborhood, Williamsburg. The minimalist decor creates a design style that is simultaneously refined and shabby chic: salvaged lumber bed frame, concrete flooring, custom wallpaper, plenty of natural lighting and some eclectic views all come together for an aesthetic that brings the industrial character of the old factory into the 21st century.

The Wythe also features a notable restaurant that offers local dishes like omelets made with organic kale and Gruyère cheese.

3. Rustic Lux – Landgoed Hotel in Groot Warnsborn, Arnhem, Netherlands

Located on the edge of the Veluwe in a wooded area just outside of Arnhem is a four-star hotel and restaurant that features attic bedrooms that manage to be rustic and luxurious at the same time. Each room is individually designed to highlight both modern and rustic features.

Outside of the attic rooms, the Landgoed Hotel sits on 1,850 acres of woodland, complete with picturesque walkways and bike paths, so you can explore the countryside. The restaurant offers residents a breakfast buffet every morning, often made from produce grown on the estate.

4. Historic Elegance – State Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia

For old world sophistication fit for a tsar, try the State Hermitage Hotel in St. Petersburg. This property is the official hotel for the State Hermitage Museum and features ornate trim and fixtures to go with luxury accommodations.

The interior of the hotel is opulent with glass domed ceilings, gold fixtures and crystal chandeliers, designed to create a historic link between the hotel and the museum; guests get to experience a taste of the magnificence lived by the Russian emperors of yore.

The rooms are styled to offer that same royal elegance, but combined with modern conveniences such as state of the art entertainment systems. The hotel boasts suites that come with separate sitting areas, bright, colorful wallpaper, tapestry rugs, fireplaces and marble baths—plus 40-inch LED televisions and minibars, as well.

A hotel should offer you more than just a place to sleep.

A good hotel should create an experience that makes an impression that will last a lifetime, and the best hotels do that by crafting an elegance of style with every detail, from luxury hotel bedding to intricate architectural designs.