Forget the money, get your sleep!

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 4th Aug 2020

Forget the money, get your sleep!

It’s often said that money can’t buy happiness. British researchers agree, saying they have found that good sleep quality is the most important factor in happiness, far ahead of money.

The pursuit of happiness is the quest of a lifetime. The consumer society, through advertising in particular, tends to make us believe that we will find happiness, or an illusion of it, by accumulating material possessions, which, of course, requires money to obtain. However, according to the happiness index developed by the Oxford Economics Institute and the British Center for Social Research, the number one factor impacting the happiness and well-being of people is sleep; money is far down the list. Indeed, an increase in income ultimately has little impact on happiness, while good sleep contributes significantly.

Reporting on this study, The Independent, a British newspaper, stated: “money doesn’t bring you happiness, but good sleep does!

In this spirit, we invite you to pamper your sleep, to favor it by developing good habits, starting with taking care of your bedding. Indeed, having a good, comfortable bed and bedding promotes good sleep.

Choose pillows suited to your sleeping position, make your bed comfortable with a plush mattress pad and an oversized comforter that will minimize duvet battles with your partner, and add a down blanket for a luxurious touch that will enhance your sleep every night.

The British study was carried out on 8,000 people. The researchers developed a happiness scale measuring from 0 to 100. The overall average happiness score was 62.2.

According to this study, people who sleep the best scored an average of 15 points higher than those who complained of poor sleep. Conversely, significant salary increases resulted in an average gain of only two points on the happiness scale. Other factors that have more impact on happiness than money include the health of loved ones, job security and living in a community. Interestingly, owning your home or having a large number of followers on social networks has very little impact in this quest for happiness.

This study confirms once again that having a good quality of sleep benefits general health as well as helping to maintain a positive attitude.

This British study confirms and complements the results of the Grant Study and associated Glueck Study, the longest of scientific studies conducted on happiness, the results of which were revealed in 2015. After 75 years of observing the daily lives of hundreds of men from different social backgrounds, researchers at Harvard University Medical School concluded that neither wealth nor fame is enough to make someone happy. The quality of relationships, on the other hand, would guarantee happiness, health and memory.

So, start to find your recipe for happiness by cuddling your hotel pillow and making the most of your nights so you can enjoy your days more and feel happier when you wake up.

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