Do You Need Deep Pocket Bedding?

Posted by Jess Tedrick on 13th Jul 2018

Do You Need Deep Pocket Bedding?

With the rise of pillow top mattresses creating Princess and the Pea worthy beds, many people have become frustrated with their bed sheets. While the extra layer of comfort on top of your mattress may give you the support and luxury you want, it also makes the average sheet hard to keep in place. Depending on plushness, the pillow tops can add several inches in height, leaving you tossing and turning in a sea of unsecured sheets.

The solution is in the pockets.

Deep pocket bedding typically accommodates mattresses between 14” and 18” deep while some go as deep as 20”. In order to make sure that you’re buying the right sheets, you’ll need to get out your measuring tape.

  • Measure from the top of the mattress, pillow top or mattress pad included, down to the top of the box spring. No box spring? Measure to the bottom of your mattress where it sits against the platform. Basically, just account for the whole mattress depth, everything you want covered by your sheets and blankets.
  • Once you have the depth down, measure for length. Flip that measuring tape and go from the very head of the bed down to the bottom. Avoid measuring on top of your mattress and opt for measuring along the sides to get a more accurate result, especially if you have a pillow top.
  • Then get the width. Go down to the foot of the bed and measure along the side again, recording the width of the mattress itself, sans pillow top.

When you have all of your measurements, it’s time to shop. Sure, sheets typically list the sizes as Twin, Queen, King, etc. But keep in mind that this is a generalization. In most cases its enough to go on but for the best fit, check the packaging and make sure that your specific bed measurements match what you’re buying.

The depth of the pockets will be listed as well. Check it against your measurements and remember that the part that tucks under the mattress is not included in the depth, it’s solely there to secure the sheet to your mattress, much like the skirt on a mattress pad.

You can apply the same steps to purchasing a mattress pad as well, just in case your pillow top is losing some of its loft or you aspire to cloud-like levels of softness. Many mattress pads are now listed as deep pocket to ensure that the skirt fits snugly around the mattress to prevent any slipping. 

If the bedding jargon was keeping you from finally adding that mattress pad or purchasing a more lofty mattress, then jump in and go sleep your best sleep. Just don't forget your measuring tape.