​Combining Elegance and Comfort IS Achievable

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 27th Jan 2021

​Combining Elegance and Comfort IS Achievable

High heels vs. flats; jaunty sports car vs. soccer team van; sheath dress vs. moumou -- we are forced all too often to choose between the “look” we’re looking for on one hand, and creature comforts and practicality on the other. Here are some ideas to help you achieve both elegance and comfort in the most important room in your home - your bedroom.

Getting good quality sleep is essential for getting up in the morning and having a good day. The secret to healthy sleep lies in regular rest time and also in the comfort of your bed and the decoration of the bedroom. In other words, the elegance and the comfort of the bedroom is crucial not only in terms of decor, but also primary to ensure a good sleep.

Start by installing comfort and quality bedding on your bed.

High quality linens, perfect fit pillows, a cozy comforter and mattress pad are the basics for your quality sleep.

At Downlite we make our contribution to the comfort vs. elegance solution by creating a line of luxury hotel bedding at an affordable cost. From the bottom up:

  • Pillow top mattress cover
  • Fitted and top sheets
  • Duvet and comforter
  • Pillows for sleeping and decor

We guarantee that you will find a sense of elegance and practicality behind the concept, design, and manufacture of all of our Downlite quality bedding.

Starting with the mattress pad, you can choose from a variety of products according to your needs and preferences: the medium / light mattress pads, the super plush, the extra fluffy experience, and the feather bed are all available to make your sleep experience a true daily pleasure.

We then advise that you add hotel quality sheets to your bed. This is the fabric that your skin actually touches for one-third of your life, so taking some care in selection is a good idea.

The size of your bed determines the size of your bedding:

Coordinate your pillows and comforter, depending on your taste: if you opt for down pillows then you should have a down comforter, and vice versa if using down alternative material. The choice of your pillow is very important and should be taken seriously.

And last, you may consider throwing a blanket on your bed for comfort and elegance purposes.

After the bedding, consider your decoration style and features.

Classic, country, coastal, modern? In order to create a refined space, it is helpful to first decide on the decoration style. You can choose a style you've never tried before, but have always wanted to, or you can follow the decorating style you've used in other rooms to stay consistent with the rest of your home.

No matter what style of decor you apply, avoid using what you don't need in your bedroom. Creating a decorative overload will make the space feel messy, and clutter can negatively affect your quality of sleep. It is therefore necessary to opt for a simple decoration for a good sleep.

Quality furniture pleases the eye as well as providing a solid and anchored feel to the space. Choose a few good pieces; do not clutter the space, achieving elegance through simplicity. Symmetry in pieces such as nightstands, chairs, and art placement, far from being boring, adds a sense of stability and calm to the room.

Mirrors make a room larger and allow you to direct light and attention towards neglected areas or those you want to highlight.

A padded area rug provides accent color and a warm landing spot for your feet.

Give attention to the details. People naturally focus on the major points of any project first; however, the smallest details are important in decorating and they can add to the elegance of the space. Try to match or accent the decorating style and the color scheme in the details of the bedroom, the linens and the lampshades, the pillows and the plants, the knickknacks and the nighttime lighting.

Pillows, both for sleeping and decor, are essential to the tableau. Choose a variety of shapes from a similar color palette and create interest and dimension by using differently textured coverings.

Plants add dimension, color, and oxygen to your environment. Select plants based on ease of care, sunlight requirements, and size/shape. Plants can also help increase your relaxation. For example, lavender planted in a pretty pot and placed in your bedroom will relax you with its pleasant scent and help you sleep easily. Or consider a clean, vertical look like the ZZ Plant (zamioculcas) or Snake Plant (sansevieria).

Don't forget to create a private space for yourself -- it's a basic human need. Your bedroom is, of course, your private space, but within this room you can also spend quality non-sleeping time. For example, if you don't have a reading nook in your home, you can create a mini-space by placing an armchair in your bedroom. You can store your books in the corner by mounting shelves. Or you can add a vanity with all your self-care products and jewelry boxes, useful mornings and evenings. Or you may opt for a relaxation/meditation corner with cushions, candles, and music. Whatever you choose, if you have the room to make a private corner, it can definitely enhance both the elegance and the practical uses of your bedroom.

If you would like personalized assistance or professional advice before ordering your bedding, you may contact our customer service representatives, and they will assist you in your decision-making.

Photo credit: Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels