​Why is buying a pillow so hard?

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 28th May 2020

​Why is buying a pillow so hard?

One of the most frequent items we get questions on is replacing a beloved pillow. Many of us have a favorite pillow (or two or three…), and have grown so used to the feeling and comfort it offers, often holding on to it for 10 plus years!  As a company we make hundreds of pillow styles for every retailer, hotel and brand you can think of, never mind all of the models we ourselves sell online. With all the various fillings, fabrics and density levels the choices are limitless.

The biggest issue consumers experience when replacing a bed pillow is the density. Let’s face it, my soft can be someones medium and for other people it can be firm. The reality is that we make pillows with so many options:

  • Fabric Choices = 87 (from microfiber to 300 TC cotton sateen to TENCEL blends)
  • Filling Choices = 29 (EnviroLoft, PrimaLoft, White Duck Down, Grey Goose Down...)
  • Construction Styles = 7 (Blown, batted, chamber style...)
  • Trim Choices = 5 (satin pipping
  • Sizes = 4

That is 353,220 options!

If you buy items online regularly like shoes your no doubt used to buying 2 size options, trying both and keeping 1. Some stores are known for the return policies (or used to be) and would gladly take back the items. What might not be so apparent is that those stores knowing your estimated return rates, simply build in that return cost to items. So shipping a pair of shoes can cost appx $12 in freight, but shipping a pillow can cost between $15 and $30 on average. We don’t want to build in the estimated return cost of items nor have you worry about the what if scenarios for buying the wrong item.

Luckily many of the folks who buy online at try our items in a hotel, love it and can find the exact model for their home comfort. But what do you do if you have never tried our items and don’t want the hassle of returns and the time and cost involved? Well luckily our product design team developed an adjustable pillow that offers 3 different comfort levels. The Intelli-Pedic™ FlexSupport™ 3-in-1 Adjustable Pillow offers the home user three completely different density options due to it’s unique construction.

The reality is that many folks are combo sleepers – you’re not just a side sleeper or a back sleeper – sometimes you’re a bit of both. Each pillow has our exclusive ClimaSmart™ fabric is a breathable cotton with advanced temperature regulating, moisture wicking, and anti-microbial technology added to provide you with the most comfortable night’s rest. Our technology works hard to keep you cool when you need it, and help warm you up when you need it.

The inner pillow features our Adaptiv™ supportive fiber fill. Designed to move with you throughout the night, yet provide optimal support, this fiberfill can be molded to how you sleep.

The outer pillow features our advanced ClimaSmart XP™ fiberfill. This fill combines the best of temperature & humidity control with the best in support to keep you right in your comfort zone.

Learn more yourself and take the pillow challenge, if you don’t love it we have a no-questions refund policy.