Benefits of Down Alternative Pillows

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 11th Jun 2020

Benefits of Down Alternative Pillows

One of the primary goals of every provider in the hospitality industry is to give guests a good night’s sleep. As experts in providing bedding and pillows to the hotel and resort industry for over 30 years, we are keenly aware of how important sleep is, and we know what people are looking for when it comes to comfortable, quality bedding.

Hotels have been using down alternative pillows for decades, for both hygienic and anti-allergen purposes, without neglecting the comfort of their clients. Professional hosts and innkeepers know that the polyester or microfibers used for down alternative pillows create a soft and breathable pillow that facilitates air circulation and provides a pleasant experience to touch.

Down alternative fibers constitute an increasingly large percentage of the pillows we manufacture and sell. Consumers are realizing that down alternative pillows provide suppleness, lightness and comfort. There are many varieties of down alternative fibers, such as PrimaLoft®, EnviroLoft®, MicroLoft®, LiquiLoft®, AquaLoft®, ecoCluster®and many more.

We also manufacture and sell high-quality down pillows, so we are confident that our down alternative material reproduces the experience and feeling of natural down filling. The specially designed, ultralight fibers glide over each other like down, providing a unique bulk and softness to the pillow; the more air the fibers can trap, the lighter they feel. Some of our down alternative pillows have a silicone treatment added to the filling to achieve a sensation even closer to natural down.

There are several additional advantages that a down alternative pillow offers, on top of a good night’s sleep. A down alternative pillow offers almost all the advantages of a down pillow, without the inconveniences, and a down alternative pillow is usually less expensive than a down pillow.

One of the most appealing benefits of down alternative pillows is the anti-allergy aspect. First, the fabric is hypoallergenic; the material can also be easily washed, so even a used pillow can again become germ-free. This ease of washing and drying a down alternative pillow is a huge advantage, especially since these pillows can be dried in a normal home dryer. If someone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma, they will benefit from using a down alternative pillow that is regularly laundered (at least every 2 months). A number of our down alternative pillows are certified asthma & allergy-friendly bedding. These products are certified by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation.

In addition, and as its name suggests, down alternative is also a non-animal product, and many fibers feature recycled polyester and are eco-friendly. Down alternative products have become environmentally friendly, and the techniques used to produce this pillow’s filling increasingly respect the ecology while preserving the natural environment. Manufacturers are developing a wide variety of down alternative products based on products such as recycled polyester (often associated with “green” envelopes), organic cotton, TENCEL Lyocell, bamboo viscose, etc.

We have developed a unique line of sustainable bedding products under our EnviroLoft brand, and we recommend our down alternative pillows from this line if you are concerned about environmental issues.

Down alternative pillows are available in several levels of density: firmmedium, soft or even extra soft, just like down pillows. If you have any hesitation concerning which density is the best option, the 3-in-1 Intelli-pedic™ pillow is a safe choice that will meet any requirement.

If you do make the decision to try a down alternative pillow, we advise that you fluff your down alternative pillow every morning to restore it to its original shape, helping your pillow maintain its shape longer. Putting your down alternative pillows in the dryer once a month for 15 minutes helps remove moisture and kill off bacteria resulting in a fluffier pillow. Finally, it is recommended that you change your down alternative pillow every two years or so in order to maintain a good quality of pillow and to protect your precious sleep.