Adapt to Seasonal Changes: Regain a Healthy Sleep Pattern

23rd Jun 2017

Adapt to Seasonal Changes: Regain a Healthy Sleep Pattern

Seasonal changes can wreak havoc on your sleep pattern. Summer’s sweltering heat and humidity, winter’s biting cold, spring’s allergens and rain, and fall’s shortening daylight hours all have the potential to impede upon your sleep. While you can't fight Mother Nature, there is a quick and easy fix: change your bedding.

Huffington Post details how weather and seasonal changes influence sleep. It, perhaps, comes as no surprise that cooler temperatures make sleep more comfortable, while feeling hot can prevent you from getting the sleep you need. The logical fix to this problem? In spring and summer, swap out your heavier/warmer comforter for a lighter/cooler blanket.

Here are some of the key differences between comforters and blankets:



Comforters feature stitched boxes ranging in size from 10–16 inches. Because of the large the box size, more filling is needed to keep the square fluffy. The fluffier a comforter is, the warmer it is.

Blankets feature smaller stitched boxes ranging in size from 4–6 inches. The smaller squares need less filling, making them lighter in warmth, and therefore perfect for summer months.

Some comforters are designed to be lightweight, and great for use throughout the year. Likewise, some blankets are designed to be warmer and can be used in winter, especially as an extra layer on the bed. Ultimately, what’s best for you comes down to your preferences, and what will best help you keep a healthy sleep pattern.

How does the solution of changing your bedding actually help? The Mayo Clinic mentions that “Adults spend about a third of their lives asleep, so it’s worthwhile to invest in bedding that comforts and relaxes you.”

Bedding is a big part of how you create the most restful environment, and as that environment changes throughout the year, your bedding should change, too.

Swapping your bedding for quality hotel bedding won’t solve all problems associated with the changing seasons, but it’s a quick and easy start! When you change your bedding for a new season, you will sleep more comfortably. And when you sleep well, you live better. It’s as simple as that.