You won't believe what returns come back!

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 26th Sep 2023

You won't believe what returns come back!

At DOWNLITE bedding, we take pride in creating the fluffiest down-filled pillows and comforters to help you sleep soundly. But sometimes our return address has become a dumping ground for anything under the sun. From ladders to chains, we've received it all! While we appreciate the creative repurposing of our shipping materials, we kindly remind customers that DOWNLITE sells bedding, not construction equipment. We all make mistakes and simply ask you to double-check any boxes you are sending back to us to make sure the right item is being returned. Read on for a look at the odd items that have found their way back to us over the years.

Oddities we have gotten back by mistake:

  • Ladders - we specialize in bringing you to dreamland, not helping you reach new heights in home improvement. Please keep your Werner and Louisville ladders for household projects.
  • Auto parts - unless you're searching for a pillow soft as a brake pad, we don't stock lug nuts, air filters or any other car components. Check your local auto parts store instead.

  • Shoes - while slippers complement our products nicely, we don't sell athletic shoes, heels or any other footwear. We aim to cover your bed, not your feet.

  • TVs - we provide the comfort needed for a good night's sleep, not entertainment. Feel free to binge your favorite shows under our cozy covers, but keep your flat screens out of our returns.

  • Chains - our quilted comforters are heavyweight, but shipping actual chains back to us seems a bit extreme. We specialize in bedding, not hardware.

In all seriousness, we appreciate the continued support and interest in our products. We want every customer to be fully satisfied with their purchase. That's why we recently extended our return period from 30 to 100 nights! Take up to 100 nights to ensure you're sleeping soundly on our pillows and comforters. Just please don't actually ship back any ladders - we promise they won't help you sleep better!