​Why Use a Pillow Protector?

Posted by Elizabeth Kennedy on 5th Aug 2019

​Why Use a Pillow Protector?

You might think that a pillowcase is enough to protect your new pillow, but we’re here to change your mind. In fact, we believe that pillow protectors should be an essential purchase along with your new pillow! Pillow protectors not only keep your pillow clean and reduce allergens, they also extend the life of your pillow. We’ll share everything you need to know about purchasing and maintaining your pillow protectors so you can have a clean and comfortable sleep.

You’ve probably noticed residue on your pillow cases from any combination of dirt, facial oil, sweat, etc. If you’re not using a pillow protector, all of these contaminants are seeping inside of your pillow. Who wants to inhale all of that every night?

Aside from the potential contamination of the inside of the pillow, pillow protectors can also make for a more comfortable sleep. At DOWNLITE, we offer a twill and a quilted sateen option for pillow protectors. We recommend the twill pillow protector for down and down alternative pillows since the fillings inside are less likely to poke through the pillow. The quilted sateen pillow protector is recommended for feather pillows because of the tendency of the feathers to poke through. Both protectors will help to extend the life of your pillow and ensure that you sleep comfortably.

The size of your pillow protector should align with the size of your pillow. Some hotel pillows include protectors, but you should always have an extra on hand in case you need time to wash your current pillow protector. Some companies sell pillow protectors in multi packs for this purpose, but at DOWNLITE we offer a la carte options for all of the pillows in your home. When you do wash your pillow protector, you can simply throw it in your home washing machine and dryer. To remove oils you can safely use a hot water wash and dry with a standard drying cycle.

DOWNLITE carries all of the standard pillow sizes for pillow protection, but for pillows that are unique sizes or made of memory foam instead of feathers you may need to get a different type of pillow protector.

If you have any doubt about which kind of pillow protector you need, please send us an email. We are happy to help you find the right solution for protecting your favorite pillows!