Why Does the Law Label Show ONLY 75% Down?

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 9th May 2016

Why Does the Law Label Show ONLY 75% Down?

We receive some questions from consumers concerned about the percentage of down in a particular bedding item. " The label on my hotel bedding says it contains only 75% down... why isn't it 100%?"

The reality is, the Federal Government has specific guidelines as to how much down can be contained within a bedding item. The rule from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states if the law label on an item contains 'down' then the item must contain a minimum of 75% down clusters.

Short of hand tweezing out loose fibers and small feathers it is impossible to have 100% down anything. When bedding has 75% down content the remaining 25% is typically comprised of a mixture of the following:

  • Additional down clusters
  • Loose down fibers (the parts that break off from the down cluster)
  • Small feathers (6 cm or smaller)

Be assured that all the down filling used by DOWNLITE -- for  down pillows and our down comforters -- complies to our RestAssured standards.