Which is Better - Duck vs. Goose/Grey vs. White?

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 20th Jan 2020

Which is Better - Duck vs. Goose/Grey vs. White?

DOWNLITE offers down and feather bedding with multiple filling options from duck to goose in white or grey. So, which is the best for bedding?

Goose vs. Duck

Goose bedding tends to have less natural odor due to the goose diet. Geese are grazers and primarily eat roots, shoots, stems, seeds, and leaves of grass and grain, bulbs, and berries. Ducks are like goats, they eat EVERYTHING. Since ducks are meat eaters, they have more natural odor present in the oils coating the down and feathers. Goose bedding is premium as a result, and can cost 1.5 times more for similar items. Geese are also raised to live longer and tend to have better, loftier down which can also raise the cost for goose bedding. Regardless, our RestAssured™ hypoallergenic cleaning process cleans all of the above.

Grey vs. White

As for color, there is not much performance or tangible benefit of one over the other. We actually like grey versions of fill because it looks more consistent behind fabric. For white down or white feathers it is very hard to limit darker color pieces from making an appearance. This speckled or flecking of dark against light fill can sometimes look like there is something wrong and cause unnecessary concerns. Short of hand tweezing through every batch, it is nearly impossible to have 100% white fill for bedding.

Additionally, grey filling in slightly less expensive, so you save as a result.

Some of our favorite items come in a grey duck or goose option as a result; like the grey duck 50/50 pillow.