Upgrade Your Bed for Winter with a Cozy, DIY Canopy

28th Nov 2017

Upgrade Your Bed for Winter with a Cozy, DIY Canopy

If the winter months ahead have you envisioning yourself bundling up with flannels, sweatpants, and thick socks before bed, think again. Rather than overdressing in bulky layers of clothes every night, you can create the ultimate toasty and relaxing winter sanctuary: a canopied bed. Nothing quite spells wintertime comfort like a cozy personal retreat you can crawl in and shut the chill out.

But you don’t need to go out and buy a whole new bed. You can recreate the look without a four-poster.

Don't Break the Bank

With just a few, affordable investments, you can turn your drafty bedroom into a winter retreat in no time at all. Here’s how you start:

  • Decide whether you're after a modern or traditional look
  • Consider if you'd like a full canopy or partial coverage. Are you looking for a statement piece or a cozy enclosure?
  • Measure

If you're after an enclosure: measure then add about a foot around three sides of your bed (not against the wall), mark the lengths and install curtain rods along the ceiling surrounding your bed. Hang two panels of heavy fabric like blackout curtains or thick brocade on each rod. Curtains can be opened during the day to create the illusion of posters and shut at night for a cozy retreat that blocks out the cold around you.

For a lighter, more whimsical look, measure in from each edge of your bed (including the side tucked against the wall) to find the center of your bed. Suspend a hoop from the ceiling then choose your fabric. Silks, patterned cotton, lace, or tulle make excellent materials for bringing a touch of romance to your space. The canopy will drape over your bed, adding a light and airy feature.

Include the Kids

Just like you, your kids would enjoy having their own getaway. Create a tent over the bed or in an empty corner of the bedroom that can easily go up and down with a hanging rod or oversized branch and a colorful piece of fabric. When you outfit the space, make sure to include lots of pillowsblankets to make them extra cozy.

Make a Statement

If you’re looking for something a little more daring, consider opting for curtains with a bold graphic pattern. These can easily be draped from a single rod at the head of the bed, a hoop or in three sections that can be pulled closed at night.

Want to create a classic look that brings a touch of glamor? Go with tone on tone. Choose a high quality linen fabric that matches your bedding and hang from suspended rods for an understated elegance or rope threaded through eyelet screws if you’re looking for a touch of the industrial chic.

Finish the Look

While a faux canopy is a great start, you need pieces that create the right feel for the room. Nothing says winter comfort better than down bedding. Whether you prefer a layered look with a big fluffy down comforter or a more modern, streamlined look, down creates a luxurious bed you can sink into night after night. No more sweatpants required for extra warmth either. Down helps you stay toasty while providing enough ventilation to keep resting temperatures even throughout the night. Pair your bedding with several high-quality pillows to complete your personal retreat.