Think Outside the Sponge: 5 Unconventional Cleaning Tips

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 20th Jun 2016

Think Outside the Sponge: 5 Unconventional Cleaning Tips

Commercial brand cleaners are packed with chemicals, and most of them are expensive! Making the switch to more economical and Eco-friendly cleaners can improve both the look and feel of your home. Plus, it's easier than you think to make the switch. Want to have a healthier home? Reduce the amount of chemical cleaners you use and try some of these savvy cleaning substitutes the next time you clean for a fresh and sparkling look you'll love.

1). Replace Paper Towels with Coffee Filters

Not only will you save a considerable amount of money, but using a basic coffee filter to clean any non-porous surface will give it the shiny finish you’ve been looking for. Coffee filters don’t leave any lint like paper towels, and they won’t fall apart when used with a glass cleaner. This makes them a great choice for your windows, mirrors or any other glass around the house. Just use your favorite glass cleaner (or vinegar!) and wipe away for a perfect, streak-free finish.

2). Embrace the Power of White Bread

You’ll love bread even more after reading about this tip. A loaf of white bread can star in more than just your lunchtime sandwich; it makes a great cleanup tool as well! From messy spills to broken glass, using a fresh slice of bread allows you to lift up debris from your floor or countertop surface without getting your hands dirty or spreading the mess around. You can even use bread to remove stains or marks from a painted surface; just dab it with the soft inner part of the bread and watch the scuff or stain disappear. Any sliced bread will work, and the used piece can be tossed into the regular trash after cleanup.

3). Clean Up Slippery Spills with Salt

If you accidently drop an egg or a bottle of olive oil, you’re faced with a slick and slippery mess that is next to impossible to clean up. Spreading plain table salt liberally on the spill can help absorb it and make it a lot easier to wipe away. Salt absorbs the moisture and soaks up the spill, allowing you to simply sweep the mess away after an hour or so.

4). Wax Your Shower?

Yes, you read that correctly. The products designed to repel water and keep your vehicle looking brand new can work in your bathroom, too! Wiping down a fiberglass shower stall with the wax you use on your car will restore and protect the finish, it’ll repel streaks and water stains in the future, too.

5). Rely on a Chemical Reaction

You might not believe this, but you can learn about chemistry and keep a clean and healthy home by mixing a few basic common household items. It may seem like a science fair project at first, but these tricks work just as well as any cleaner you buy at a store.

Clean your drains with a concoction of vinegar and baking soda. Sprinkle the baking soda into a clogged drain, and then add vinegar to clear it without resorting to dangerous chemical compounds like lye. This baking soda and vinegar combo can also be used to clean and freshen the toilets in your home. Simply scrub with baking soda then rinse with vinegar to remove stains and odors and get a sparkling finish.

Baking soda can be mixed with more than one common household item. A combination of aluminum foil and baking soda proves to be a great way to polish the real silver in your home without overexerting yourself. Simply line your sink with foil, and then dissolve baking soda in boiling water. Add the mixture to your sink and insert your silver pieces. Allow the silver to soak, and then wipe away the tarnish with a soft cloth for shiny, renewed flatware and jewelry.

Try Something New

Are you ready to test these tips out? Cleaning your home in unconventional ways can yield surprisingly good results and reduce the amount of chemical cleaners you rely on and use on a regular basis. Incorporating these tips and ideas into your regular cleaning schedule is easier than you think, and will result in a cleaner, more healthier for your whole family, too.