Small Steps to Sustainable Living

28th Feb 2019

Small Steps to Sustainable Living

This week, we're launching a new line of eco-friendly bedding. planetWISE takes recycled water bottles and turns them into incredibly comfortable pillowscomforters, and mattress pads. planetWISE will have their own site and blog as well so to celebrate their launch, here is a post from the planetWISE blog.


Ever since the news came out about plastic straws, people have been switching to sleek stainless-steel options they can carry with them. But it got us thinking, why stop there? How many food convenience items do we use every day that contribute to waste? Here are a few ways you can cut back and waste less.

Reusable utensils:

The silverware at your apartment is reusable, but what about the plastic fork you grab from the breakroom at work? Roughly 60 million tons of single use plastic gets thrown out in a year. It takes a minute more to wash off the utensils you used and store them away for tomorrow. We recommend this bamboo set, this pastel set, or this stainless steel set. Not only are you helping the environment, but these are great for camping and other outdoor adventures as well.

Bento Box or Reusable lunch containers:

Limiting your use of plastic baggies are another way to cut back on waste. If you use them to portion out your lunches, there are better ways. Bento boxes are aesthetically pleasing, make packing your food more fun, and reusable. Plus, most bento boxes come with reusable utensils.

Bring back the cloth napkin:

I’m not going to lie, the idea of more laundry is daunting, plus, this option is really only eco-friendly if you’re washing in cold water and air drying. If you decide to go all-cloth then I’d suggest buying in bulk so you don’t have to worry about running low between laundry days. Otherwise, look for the recycled paper napkins in your grocery store or opt for something like these biodegradable ones. And just as a reminder, you shouldn’t recycle napkins but they work great in compost.

Use real dishes and drinkware:

Party clean up is always faster when your guests can just toss their used plates. However, going back to that staggering 60 million tons of single use plastic statistic, it’s definitely worth the extra clean up to use real dishes. If you don’t trust guests with your glasses and china, there are tons of options you can use instead. Try silicon wine glasses or the plasticware from this site.

It may seem like small steps, but every time you pull out your reusable utensils in the breakroom or your guests get to use real plates at your house, you’re showing others that they can take steps to live more eco-consciously as well.