Should You Wash New Bedding?

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 9th May 2016

Should You Wash New Bedding?

"Do I need to wash my new pillow or comforter before using them?" We get asked this question quite a bit from customers buying bedding. The short answer is: No!

No Need to Wash

We're surprised by how many people feel they need to wash new bedding. Understandably, some fabrics are finished with a sizing substance that adds a starch-like stiffness that should be washed for more comfortable contact. But at DOWNLITE, our fabrics are manufactured to be used immediately once purchased.

We wash and sterilize our pillows and comforters before production. Our RestAssured™ cleaning and sterilizing process is among the most sophisticated in the world. According to in-house and third-party testing, we exceed the government standards for hypoallergenic cleanliness.

But I Want a Fresh Smell!

We get it! Everyone loves their specific brand of detergent. It makes everything you have smell like 'home,' but washing is not the answer. Instead of washing your new hotel bedding, try letting it sit in a guest bedroom for a day or two to acclimate to your home. If you want instant gratification, toss the bedding in the dryer with a dryer sheet and dryer balls/tennis balls. This will do double duty by adding freshness and fluffing at the same time.

When in doubt, you can always wash your sheets and duvet cover right before you use your new bedding. They needed to be washed anyway, and now you get that fresh scent without having the extra work of laundering new items!

If we still haven't convinced you to not wash your new down pillow or down comforter, go to for tips on washing and drying bedding.