Reading Wedge: the Pillow You Need to Lounge in Bed

Posted by Aline Martin O'Brien on 2nd Mar 2020

Reading Wedge: the Pillow You Need to Lounge in Bed

A common mistake made by people reading in bed before sleeping is trying to use regular sleeping pillows. If you like to spend time in bed any time of day and want to avoid a stiff neck, back, or cervical pain, you should consider investing in a reading wedge. This accessory will improve your posture and comfort while you are relaxing in bed because it supports the lower back, spine, and cervical muscles properly.

The reading wedge will allow you to find a pleasant and comfortable reading position and you will not have to stack multiple pillows. It is useful if you read while lying or sitting in bed, watch TV, type on your computer, do crossword puzzles or even have your breakfast in bed.

Especially if you have a fragile or sensitive back, the inclination of this special pillow helps your body by gently aligning the spine in the correct position between sitting and lying.

Your reading wedge should be large and quite firm; specific features that are different from what you look for in the pillows you use for sleeping. The thickness of the sleeping pillow is much less than the reading wedge because your sleeping pillow should allow your spine to be kept in the supine position.

Initially developed for book lovers, it is generally placed against the back of the bed, but can also be used on a chair, couch, or other types of seating. The slope of its facade supports the sitting posture and prevents fatigue or crowding of the skeleton, since the tilting of this cushion will promote natural alignment of the spine and reduce pressure points in the neck and lower back, while at the same time relieving tension in the neck and lower back.

Additionally, the Downlite reading wedge can help sleepers suffering from acid reflux at night or improve sleep if you have difficulty breathing due to colds, stuffy nose and/or congested bronchi. In case of heavy legs syndrome, this special pillow can also be placed at the foot of the bed and flipped over to elevate your legs and increase blood circulation.

For hygiene purposes your reading wedge should be protected by a reading wedge cover, which is sized to fit your specific reading wedge. These wedge covers come in five different colors to match the style of your bed and are easy to clean. The cover is equipped with a Velcro closure for easy removal and replacement.

The reading wedge is offered in two different fillings: in a 10/90 down and feather blend or in EnviroLoft™ Down alternative. Both of these fillings are specifically treated to be hypoallergenic. Our SoftPlus fabric system covers the wedge, which provides a two layer leak resistant feature. This will help your wedge survive any potential spills during breakfast in bed.

For your own comfort or as a gift to please a book lover, the reading wedge is a thoughtful idea. It eliminates awkward postures, which are harmful to the neck and spine, by keeping the body in a properly aligned position suitable for long periods.