New Mattress? Do You Really Need a Mattress Protector/Topper?

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 24th Feb 2020

New Mattress? Do You Really Need a Mattress Protector/Topper?

When you try a mattress in the store you go through the process of 'sleeping' on different models. As you can imagine, this sleep testing only goes so far when lying down for a few minutes. But generally, you can eliminate choices that are too soft or too firm for you; helping to narrow the options.

When you buy a new mattress in store or online, there's a chance they'll try to sell you a mattress protector (sometimes tied to a warranty). A protector is a good investment you should strongly consider if you have kids, pets, or other life issues that might damage your mattress. 

If you select a mattress with a memory foam top you will want very minimal additional plushness on your mattress pad. You don't want to reduce the combination of body heat and weight against the memory foam material. In this case, we suggest a light plush pad. This ensures the pad won't negate the expensive memory foam material. We recommend our Intelli-pedic™ One mattress pad. This low profile mattress pad features 4 oz fill per square yard. (You can also view this ultra slim mattress pad on

If you have a non-memory foam mattress – spring/foam/pillow top style – you are able to select any level of mattress pad plushness that suits you. If you bought a firm mattress in the store but hate it a week later, we have good news! You can add an extra plush mattress pad to help reduce the firmness, or if you need just a smidge more plushness, we recommend a medium plush waterproof mattress pad with 8 ounce per square yard. 

Whether your mattress has memory foam or not, there are a couple more things to think about: temperature regulation, moisture wicking, antimicrobial materials, and the skirt material. DOWNLITE offers cool touch mattress pads as well as moisture wicking mattress pads. All of our mattress pads feature our Infinity® tight fit skirt. Want to make sure your mattress pad won't slip or pop off? We once again suggest the Intelli-pedic™ One mattress pad. It has Intelligrip™ grip dots that grab your mattress to keep the pad on snug and is designed to fit mattresses 7” - 22” thick.