Is Your Teen Ready for Dorm Life?

21st Jul 2017

Is Your Teen Ready for Dorm Life?

No doubt you’ve been thinking about college for your teen since they were born. Then, all of a sudden, they’ve graduated high school and college is no longer just an idea, it’s a reality. Move-in day is around the corner, and you can hear the seconds ticking away. There’s still so much to prepare, and what bedding items should you purchase for the dorm should be near the top.

You want to give your teen as many home comforts as possible. They will be in an academically-demanding environment, which usually consists of classes during the day and studying and/or working in the evenings. When will they sleep? How will they sleep?

A CNN sleep study reported irregular sleep stands in the way of academic achievement, while regular sleep helps academic achievement. The solution is not just to get back to a regular sleep cycle, it is also getting adequate sleep.

With these goals of getting regular and adequate sleep in mind, your teen will need (and want) quality dorm bedding. The environment in which you sleep can make or break a great sleep pattern.

Here are some questions parents typically have when it comes to dorm bedding:

Dorm Pillows – What kind and how many?
Two pillows are sufficient, and temperature-regulating bed pillows for sleepers who constantly flip them to the cooler side are a great choice. Our Sealy Posturepedic® Nano Cool Pillow features a one-sided application of specially engineered Nano cool touch fabric. A larger pillow, like our Reading Wedge, is also nice to have as it can be used to lean against for comfortable reading or studying.

Dorm Sheets – Flat, fitted, or both?
Let’s face it, most kids aren’t going to use flat sheets; two sets of fitted sheets should do the trick.

Dorm Mattress pad – Will they need one?
Dorm mattresses (often the same kind used in prisons!) can be too stiff, too flat, or too old, so getting some support on top will be key to your teen’s comfort and sleep. A good, affordable choice is our Spa Luxe® TENCEL® Cool Touch Mattress Pad. It is super plush with a hypoallergenic polyester filling.

Dorm Blanket and Comforter – Which is better?
The answer depends on the season and the temperature your teen prefers while sleeping. Most college kids will use a light blanket for late summer and early fall, but they’ll probably want a warmer comforter during the winter. Our Summer Weight Dorm Comforter is a lightweight, moisture-wicking comforter. If you want something that is perfect year round, try our Twin XL Color Comforter. This comforter comes in 3 colors and is filled with our best down alternative PrimaLoft®.

Last, but not least, our dorm bedding products are easy to care for. Products mentioned here (except the Reading Wedge) can be machine washed and dried in the dorm’s laundry or back home on weekend and holiday breaks. Because of its larger size, we recommend that the Reading Wedge be washed and dried in a commercial laundromat.

Move-in day will surely be marked with happiness, pride, and tears. But no need to worry about your teen’s sleep. You will sleep soundly, too, knowing they have the most comfortable bedding to lull them into peaceful and refreshing slumber over and over again. Now that’s comforting.