Is My Bedding Made In The USA?

Posted by Stefan Hunter & Jess Tedrick on 6th Jul 2018

Is My Bedding Made In The USA?

Frequently, we’re asked: " What bedding is made in the USA?" The answer is tricky, because most fabrics are not woven in the US. Just like buying a car, your pillows and comforters typically contain a collaboration of 'parts' from across the globe. The elements all come together: the origin of the yarn material, the fabric finishing, and the filling components. Let’s talk about the international effort that results in finished down pillows and down comforters.

It’s all about the Yarn

The predominant material used in bedding is cotton. Cotton is grown across the globe, with the majority of it being grown in the U.S., India, and China. Superfine cottons like Supima and Egyptian cotton, are grown in unique locations. Notably, Supima is a long-staple American-grown cotton and, unsurprisingly, Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt. “Staple” how you refer to the fiber length of the cotton. Long-staple cotton is not only softer, but also more durable.


When cotton is first woven, it has a rough texture like muslin. This unfinished woven cloth is called “greige” cloth or “greige” goods. Over 90% of fabrics are woven in China and most of the fabrics woven in China are greige cloth. The appearance of this unfinished cloth is off-color and speckled. While most greige goods are usually finished in China, a small percentage are finished abroad in Germany, Japan, Portugal, or Italy.


The finishing process involves mechanical and chemical treatments to improve the feel and performance of the cloth. The finest feeling fabric in the world tends to be finished in Germany, Japan, or Korea.


Once woven and finished, the fabric needs to be assembled. This step is handled in the same country that handled the finishing. They will cut and sew the fabric into a shell that will be filled with either down or a down alternative.


Natural fillings like down and feathers, come from two locations - China or Eastern Europe. Since products like down comforters and down pillows are a byproduct of the poultry industry, it makes sense that most of them come from countries who regularly consume duck or goose. The filling for most of our Downlite products is processed in the United States. This filling accounts for approximately 75% of all bedding we manufacture.

Filled bedding is an international group effort; a collaboration of materials from several countries. We often have consumers partial to all-American products - but the reality is 'American-made' still involves combined materials from around the globe.

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