Dress Your Mattress Right With Luxurious Bedding

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 8th Mar 2017

Dress Your Mattress Right With Luxurious Bedding

Sometimes, getting home from work isn't the end of your day. There’s dinner to be made, homework to be checked, pets to be walked, dishes to be put away, and, let’s face it, that pile of laundry isn’t likely to wash, dry, and fold itself. But then, finally, it’s time for sleep and you envision how fantastic lying down in your perfect bed is going to feel.

This is where the vision gets a little cloudy. Are all of the elements that go with getting great sleep up to snuff? Is your duvet the color you want it to be? Do you have hotel pillows for both comfort and accents? Are your sheets complimentary to your bedding? Or are they all a little...bland?

How to Get the Job Done Right

Your mattress makes you feel good, but what about the rest of your bedding? When you look at it, and sleep in it, you should feel peaceful, serene and content. Think back to your last stay in a hotel. The beautifully arranged, elegant hotel bedding put you in a better mood, didn't it? That level of luxury makes you want to crawl into bed and stay there for a while. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your modern home decor, and your sleep.

It’s All About the Basics

Do you have the basics you need to create the bedding set of your dreams? Start by picking out a duvet cover that appeals to your design preferences. Think about going bold with patterns, or soft and elegant with a color that fits your personality perfectly. Don’t forget to consider what it will feel like to get cozy under your choice every night, it should be a material that you feel is comfortable, and stylish.

Once you have your duvet chosen, you can start thinking about what patterns and colors your other basics should be to match it. Purchase sheets that won’t clash with the colors in your duvet and think about what thread count you want to invest in for optimal softness. You can also consider picking out a coverlet that goes between your sheets and duvet for an extra pop of color and comfort.

When you put all the layers on your mattress, think about how you want to arrange them to create the exact look you’ve been envisioning. You can fold your duvet cover down the middle of the bed, with the coverlet and flat sheet folded only about a quarter of the way down. Then, create a visual anchor and a perfect back support for bedtime reading, by propping several large Euro-sized pillows against your headboard. Put your regular pillows in front of those. Each type of pillow should match your sheets.

Switch Up Your Norm With Accents That Pop

For your next layer of luxury, add standard-sized shams in front of your bed pillows. Lovely embellishments and plush materials add much-needed depth to your nighttime haven. Now, add throw pillows of various sizes and materials, including square, round or rectangular with ruffles, beads and other decorations. You can swap these out according to your fancy or the season.

As you prepare to get into bed, place your throw pillows on a bench at the foot of your bed, or onto a nearby ottoman, to keep them clean and well-preserved.

Complete the Look With Complementary Final Touches

For one final layer of depth and elegance, place a throw across the bottom of your bed; faux fur is warm and provides interesting texture. Creating contrast with your luxurious new bedding through different colors, textures and placement adds elegance to your modern home decor. Consider overlapping or stacking your pillows for a different look.

Your Bed, Your Look and Your Luxury

An elegant bed is about both comfort and beauty. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the look really only has to please you and fit with your modern home decor. To create your ideal bed that does justice to the quality of your mattress, start with fabulous sheets and build on top with extra layers of luxury.