Celebrate National Puppy Day & Stay Protected

Posted by Elizabeth Kennedy on 23rd Mar 2020

Celebrate National Puppy Day & Stay Protected

We can all agree that puppies are adorable. Who doesn’t love their soft fur, sweet eyes, and chubby tummies? In these turbulent times, we need puppies more than ever!

But we can also agree that puppies can be messy (to say the least). In our beds they chew, make stains, and sometimes even kick us in our sleep! But we love those cute little creatures anyway, so here are some tips to make living with puppies a little bit easier!

High Thread Count is Your Friend

Low thread count fabrics and jersey cotton will attract pet hair like the beach attracts spring breakers. If your puppy is of the shedding variety (as most are), do yourself a favor and pick up a nice set of sheets that have 400 thread count or higher. The high thread count, combined with high quality materials (silk or cotton) helps repel dog hair. Not only do our Stearns & Foster® sheets have a thread count of 600, but they also feature TENCEL® fabric which is excellent for moisture wicking and cool to the touch.

Give Your Pup Their Own Bed

Decking out a spot exclusively for your pup might be an option for reducing the amount of time they spend on your bed. Pick durable fabrics that are easy care to make this spot both comfortable for your pup and easy for you to keep clean! Hint: Downlite makes floor pillows that fulfill those requirements.

Regular Baths

One easy way to keep your bed clean is to make sure that you’re giving your pup regular baths. Let’s be real: any small creature is going to be extra messy. Your pup will be picking up germs from all of the time they spend outside as well. Taking a little more time to make sure those paws are squeaky clean before hopping on your bed can save you a lot of headache!

Protect your Bedding

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Protect your bed with a waterproof mattress pad to prevent your mattress from being damaged by accidents. You can also purchase protectors for your pillows and comforter to pull double duty by keeping hair and dander out of the fill. If you’re the extra cautious type, you can even purchase an additional quilt or heavy blanket to cover your bed while you’re out! Downlite has several mattress and pillow protector options.

Get an Extra Set

Since online shopping counts as a form of social distancing, we recommend that you treat yourself to an extra set of sheets. Keep these on hand so that you won’t have to worry about constantly washing your current set of sheets.

National Puppy Day should be celebrated every day, so use these tips to keep you and your pup happy and your bed clean! If you have any questions about what Downlite has to offer, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help you out.