Bed Making Hacks for a Put Together Look in a Flash

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 26th Jan 2017

Bed Making Hacks for a Put Together Look in a Flash

Is making the bed one of the chores you dread each day? Maybe you hate tucking the bed sheets in or cannot get the pillows to look right? Perhaps it’s the comforter that always gives you trouble? While bed making may not be an exact science, there are life hacks you can use to make the process easier, and the end-result more polished.

Exercise Your Bed Making Skills

If speed is your goal, then take some time to practice making the bed the right way. WikiHow offers some suggestions on the best way to make a bed. Once, you get the steps down, speed up the process to improve your skills. With some practice, you should be able to make the bed in three minutes or less.

Pin the Corners

If you like those tight hospital corners, then pin them in place to keep them secure. This means no remaking the bed each day. Prior to folding the sheet and blanket under the mattress, put a safety pin through them. As you lift the mattress up, attach the pin to the underside, to pull the corners tight. This will keep your corners tucked and save you time in the morning.

Skip the Top Sheet

If you are one of those sleepers that pushes the top sheet to the floor every night, why not skip it all together? Use a duvet cover on your comforter, instead. The hard part about this is getting your comforter inside the duvet.

Here's how it's done

  1. Spread empty duvet cover over the top of your bed.
  2. Grab the cover at the top with your outside hand.
  3. Reach inside with your other hand and grab one top corner, then pull it so the corner is sticking out of the opening.
  4. Grab the matching corner of the comforter and place it right next to that "poking out" corner.
  5. If there are duvet loops, tie the duvet to the comforter, then pull corner back up so that you're pulling the comforter up inside the duvet.
  6. Repeat on the other top corner

Make It a Two Person Job

An extra set of hands can make all the difference. If you share your bed with a partner, make it a rule that each person makes their side. If you have to make several beds in the morning, enlist the help of the person that sleeps in the bed. You do one side, he or she does the other, and you both save time.

Swap out the Small Pillows for One Large One

It takes time to organize all those small, decorative pillows. Try using one large body pillow or bolster to cover up the pillows you sleep on instead. With a body pillow, there is no need for shams or throw pillows. Just lay your sleeping pillows at the top and throw the body pillow over them.

Have Your Linens Pressed

If you like high quality linens, but hate to iron them, have them professionally pressed once a month. This will help keep them fresh and crisp without you having to get out the ironing board.

Nothing says comfy quite like a well-made bed with a down comforter or down alternative comforter. It doesn’t have to be a time consuming process, though, if you use these life hacks to simplify.