Become Eco-Friendly in Your Sleep with Primaloft® Sustainable Bedding

Posted by Julie Carter on 22nd Dec 2022

Become Eco-Friendly in Your Sleep with Primaloft® Sustainable Bedding

It’s easy to lose sleep over things that feel out of our control, including the climate crisis. But taking small steps and making conscious choices can help us rest more easily about the future. Becoming a conscious shopper and purchasing goods with a positive impact goes a long way to improving your impact and while easing your conscience. Eco-friendly purchase decisions reduce waste in landfills, save energy and resources, and support companies dedicated to preserving the earth’s resources. When it comes to your bedroom, Primaloft® sustainable bedding delivers down-alternative solutions that provide excellent comfort and durability while also giving new life to discarded plastic.

What is Primaloft®?

Primaloft® insulation is a synthetic insulator made of sustainable polyester microfiber that mimics the warmth and feel of natural down. The fine fibers overlap, creating plenty of loft plus thousands of air pockets that provide unmatched warmth. Initially developed for the US Army, Primaloft® has been used in sleeping bags, winter jackets, and outdoor gear since its conception in the 1980s. Primaloft® out-performs down in that it is hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and eco-friendly.

Why shop for sustainable bedding?

Shopping sustainably is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. Sustainable bedding is made with renewable, recyclable, or biodegradable materials, reducing environmental impact. Eco-friendly products usually require less energy and water to produce and often implement ethical practices. Sustainable bedding is also usually more durable and long-lasting, so you won't have to replace your pillows or comforter as often. As a bonus, environmentally friendly bedding is often softer and more comfortable than traditional bedding for a cozy sleep experience.

How does Primaloft® produce eco-friendly bedding?

Primaloft® bedding does not rely on natural resources like down feathers or wool, which means it does not have the same environmental impact as those materials. Primaloft® is continually innovating to deliver the most sustainable solutions available.

Primaloft® Renew™ bedding uses 100% recycled materials, significantly reducing the amount of energy, water, and dye used in the manufacturing process. This also enables fibers to return to materials found in nature.

Primaloft® Signature™ fiber is made from ocean-bound bottles salvaged from landfills. Using 100% post-consumer recycled materials, Primaloft™ Signature™ is one of the most eco-friendly solutions in luxury bedding.

Primloft® delivers high-performance bedding that positively impacts the health of our planet. Rest assured that your conscious shopping is benefiting the future.

Where to find affordable sustainable bedding

You can find sustainable bedding at affordable prices at Downlite. Downlite is committed to creating sustainable solutions without compromising quality and comfort. This means continuing to source the best materials and working with partners who share the same goals toward a greener future. We also donate one percent of all profits to 1% for the planet, a global organization that drives philanthropic support toward today’s most pressing environmental issues.

Shop for sustainable and affordable Primaloft bedding at Downlite today. If you would like personalized assistance or professional advice on your next bedding purchase, you may contact our customer service representatives, who will assist you in your decision-making.