Arrangements, Colors & Tricks: Make the Most of Your Luxury Bedding

27th Aug 2017

Arrangements, Colors & Tricks: Make the Most of Your Luxury Bedding

image via mz.interior

You spend the day serving others. Working, returning phone calls, scheduling appointments, cooking dinner, and cleaning up your home fill your day. That's why, when you reach the end of the day, you deserve beautiful, luxurious hotel bedding to promote peaceful, rejuvenating rest.

Tips to Making the Most of Your Luxury Bedding

Arranging your luxury bedding in a way that is comfortable, compliments your decor, and pleases the eye is an art. Luxury bedding is characterized by design, comfort, durability, and depth. Use several layers partnered with interest pieces to create the look you desire for your master bedroom oasis.

Before you think about what luxury bedding is best for you, decide what would complement your room. For example, pair neutral bedding with subdued walls (think gray on gray) to create a clean, peaceful environment and promote your ability to wind down at the end of a hectic day. Then, select a few bright pieces (like throw pillows or a coverlet) to add a pop of color and promote renewed energy.

Create a Luxury Bed with These Pieces

Mattress Toppers - Start here. Even the best mattress can be improved by a luxurious topper. Down mattress pads can be expensive, but the peaceful, comfortable rest they provide is worth the investment.

Bed Sheets - Next comes your sheets. While thread count is typically cited as the most significant factor when judging comfort and quality of your sheets, the material used is actually often a better indicator. Those seeking soft, durable sheets should look for 100% Egyptian cotton or 100% Pima cotton. A plain weave is least expensive, while percale, sateen, or jacquards can provide better quality and comfort.

TIP: When making your bed, always lay the top sheet inside out so you can fold it down without displaying the wrong side of the seam. Also, keep in mind when choosing colors, very light and very dark hues can be more difficult to keep clean. Neutral colors can provide the backdrop for a variety of bedding components and remain usable when you change accessories or decor.

Comforters - Get cozier than ever. A luxury comforter at the right weight and warmth or a duvet cover selected to match your decor, can transform your normal sleep experience. 400 thread count fabric provides a soft, luxurious texture that makes sleep easy. The best fill option for a comforter is down; as long as you don't have any allergies and you can afford it.

Pillows - Here’s where you can have some fun. Throw pillows in prints and bright colors can provide interest and depth, giving your room that "magazine" look that ends your day the right way. Place pillows symmetrically for a clean, organized, structured look or asymmetrically for a fun, unexpected look. Make your own, or find something amazing at your favorite home store. 

Foot of the Bed - Looking for a really fun way to spice up your bedding? Adding a solid-colored or interestingly-patterned bed scarf or throw at the foot of your bed brings everything together and adds another rich visual layer to your design. To be on trend, make it a chunky knit blanket!

Ready, Set, Design!

Beautifully arranged luxury bedding with calm colors, contrasting prints, and endless layers can transform your master bedroom into a peaceful retreat and promote restful nights and energized mornings. Invest in beautiful, comfortable, luxurious bedding to treat yourself to the rest and rejuvenation you need to do it all again tomorrow.