Ace Your Space With Dorm 101

Posted by Jess Tedrick on 29th Jun 2018

Ace Your Space With Dorm 101

College is an exciting time but making your dorm feel like home can be a lesson in and of itself. You're rooming with a stranger in a small space that is probably pretty devoid of personality. Here are some tips on how to create the dorm of your dreams. 

Furniture that double majors:

  • A lot of ottomans have storage and can be used for seating, plus if you throw a coffee tray on top of it, you also have a table.
  • Get more out of your bookcase by using removable and damage free hooks on the side to hang bags, coats, or scarves. If it works with your space, bookshelves can also make great room dividers for a little bit of privacy.
  • Multi-level carts like this one at IKEA are great for storing school supplies, Ramen noodles, or a makeshift coffee cart (French presses save lives).

Space-saving seating:

Yes, college is about furthering your education, but it’s also about building a community, exploring new hobbies, and making new friends. Give them a place to sit that won’t add clutter to your space.

You can stack most poufs and floor pillows when company leaves and they give off a chic bohemian vibe. They come in so many colors and patterns that finding some to fit your dorm décor is a breeze.

Removable décor:

  • Stick on wallpaper comes in so many styles and is easy to apply and remove. You can even use it to cover your mini-fridge. 
  • Peel and stick chalkboard paper removes easily. Add it to the front of your door for friends to leave messages, the back to keep a grocery list or next to your desk.
  • Decals can add some personality to white walls.

Hygge it out: 

This Nordic guideline for coziness (pronounced Hue-Gah) can be applied to your dorm to make it feel like a retreat after a long day of lectures.

  • Get a rug to soften up the space.
  • Candles or soft lighting can help combat all that blue light from your phone and computer. If you can't have candles, try the battery operated ones. It's all about the ambiance.
  • Take time on the weekends to make tea or coffee and drink it while reading something not on the syllabus.
  • Get cozy, study under the covers. 

And on that note...

Prioritize your bed

We’re a bit biased here but it’s where you study, binge watch, and most importantly: collapse into at the end of a super long week of academic awesomeness. Dorm beds aren't known for comfort so come prepared with mattress padsblankets, and great pillows. College is hard, your bed doesn't have to be. 

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