5-Star Quality Sleep At Home

Posted by Jess Tedrick on 22nd Jun 2018

5-Star Quality Sleep At Home

We’ve all experienced the phenomena before. You spend some time in a hotel and come away feeling like you’ve slept better during your stay than you ever have in your own bed. You’re rested, relaxed, more zen and you’d like to keep it going. So you take a picture of your pillow tag, you talk to the front desk about bedding, but can you really duplicate hotel sleep at home?

Hotels know that you are in your room for one thing- sleep, and they can tailor the room accordingly. For 5-star quality sleep at home, pinpoint some of the reasons why you had a better night’s sleep away from home.

That Vacation State of Mind - when you’re in a hotel, most likely you’re there for something fun. You’re on your own schedule, there are no meetings to prep for the next morning, and you aren’t just collapsing into bed at the end of the day. Even if you are there for work, you don’t need to worry about dishes or what to pick up from the grocery tomorrow. Your mind has a chance to get away from the day to day stresses. Once you’re back home, take time to relax before bed. Read a book or a magazine, meditate, develop a self-care routine. No matter what you chose, make sure that you lull yourself into a stress-free environment.

The EnvironmentStudies show that we sleep better in a room kept a bit colder. Since we do a lot more than just sleep at home, we tend to keep them warmer than your average hotel room temperature. With the AC running, there is the additional benefit of white noise, blocking out the street sounds or the TV from the room next door. White noise machines can be purchased at every price point and most home devices like Google Home and Alexa will lull you to sleep if white noise is what your bedroom is missing. Youtube even has a 10 Hours of Hotel AC Unit White Noise video. Most hotels also have blackout curtains designed to keep out even the brightest city lights or tropical morning sunrises. Not only do blackout curtains keep light out, allowing you to sleep in like you’re on vacation, but they also help keep your room insulated. Don’t want to commit to the curtains? Grab a sleep mask for shut eye that doesn’t require a design change.

The Bed- No, you aren't imagining it. Your hotel's bed probably really is more comfortable than your bed at home. The main reason is the mattress. Hotels typically replace their mattresses on a 3-5 year basis. Older mattresses start to get impressions in them over time. When you roll into the same spot every night you aren't getting the support that your spine and joints need. A quick way to fix this is to invest in a mattress pad or fiber bed. They cost way less than a new mattress while still giving you the support you need. The bedding itself can help put you in the laid-back state of mind. Most hotels have ditched the weird floral comforters in favor of crisp all white hotel bedding. Most hotel guests have reported that all white bedding puts them at ease and makes them feel like it's cleaner. Comforters add a desirable weight and having a plethora of pillows to fall back against not only adds a feeling of luxury but also helps with snoring and sleep apnea. All white linens at home make laundry a breeze and could help you and your guests feel like you're in a hotel. Add a nice year-round comforter or some pillows to the bed and all you're missing is room service!

And if you did take a picture of that pillow tag, find the same pillow on our Hotel Finder and order the hotel pillow you've been dreaming about.