4 Simple Bedroom Organization Hacks

Posted by Stefan Hunter on 16th May 2016

4 Simple Bedroom Organization Hacks

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If you're like most people, you spend a good chunk of your day in your bedroom. In fact, assuming you're getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night, that means you're spending at least a third of your time there. This is why it's so important to make sure that your bedroom isn't just a space with a bed, but a relaxing and peaceful sanctuary. Unfortunately, excess clutter and disorganization can make your bedroom a stressful and unpleasant place to be, which can affect not only your mood, but also your ability to enjoy a sound night of sleep. With these organization tips, which incorporate modern home decor, you'll be well on your way to a better organized and more peaceful sleep environment.

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1. Beds With Built-Ins

All too often, beds don’t accommodate extra storage; as a result, you could end up wasting a great deal of potential space with your bed's footprint, as it often takes up a significant portion of any bedroom. If you've got the budget for a new bedroom set (or at least a new bed), why not consider buying one that comes with built-in storage? Many beds these days come with several storage drawers, which allow you to keep clothes, blanketspillows and extra sheets neatly tucked away.

You might also consider looking for a bed that has storage shelving and/or drawers built right into the headboard.  This could be a great place to store any books you read before bed, an alarm clock or anything else you'd like to have at an arm's reach without the need for a separate nightstand. Either way, beds with built-in storage are an excellent organization piece for any bedroom — especially those with limited space.

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2. DIY Under-Bed Storage

Of course, you don't have to buy a new bed to begin utilizing it for additional storage and organization space. You can create your own under-bed storage arrangement easily and in a way that complements any existing design you may already have. Simply pick up a set of bed risers from your local home goods store, which can add anywhere from five to seven inches to the height under your bed. From there, there are several storage options you can consider placing underneath your bed, such as:

  • stylish canvas box totes
  • plastic storage containers
  • leftover drawers from old furniture
  • decorative bins of different colors

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3. Multi-Purpose Furniture

Another great way to maximize space and improve organization — while also paying attention to modern home decor — within your bedroom is to invest in some stylish, multi-purpose furniture. For example, storage ottomans can serve the purpose of providing additional seating space in your room while also having the ability to store small items, such as a hair dryer, magazines, the remote to your television, etc. Another form of multi-purpose furniture to consider for your room is a storage bench, which can be placed at the foot of your bed as a statement piece but can also be used to store extra hotel bedding items like blankets, pillows or sheets.

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4. Door Hooks and Organizers

Add lots of additional storage to your bedroom without spending a fortune with hooks and over-the-door organizers. You can easily find over-the-door hooks at your local dollar store, which are great for hanging robes, towels, scarves and purses. However, you can even find over-the-door shoe organizers that can hold 12 pairs of shoes or more, saving you the space in your closet and making your shoes easily accessible whenever you need them.

Make the Most of What You Have

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so why not make the effort to ensure that your bedroom space is as peaceful and organized as possible? By investing in under-bed storage options, utilizing over-the-door storage and buying furniture that has multiple purposes, you can make the most of even the smallest bedroom spaces while keeping modern home decor in mind. From there, you can transform your bedroom from an area you simply sleep in to a place where you love spending your time.