3 Home Remedies for Congestion

11th Dec 2017

3 Home Remedies for Congestion

It's happened to everyone. It's late, your nose is stuffy, and you can't breathe. You shuffle to the medicine cabinet and dig around for some relief, to no avail. There are no pills that can fix your congestion. It's too late to head to the store and you definitely don't want to shed your comfy pajamas. You'll just have to suffer through the night, right? Not necessarily.

You likely have several items in your home that can serve as effective remedie for your symptoms. The following three methods can help clear your sinuses, even when you don’t have cold medicine.


If you have a humidifier on hand, set it up in your room and let it work its magic. If not, no worries. Head to the kitchen and bring a pot of water to boil. Remove from heat (careful not to injure yourself) and sit or stand in close proximity to your pot. Breathe deeply. This should help break up any congestion you are experiencing. If that's too risky, try standing in shower.

Vick's Vaporub

Only your grandma or parents of young children would have Vaporub, but every healthy home should have at least a small container of Vick's on hand.

This product doesn't necessarily eliminate congestion. However, the ingredients in the product open up your sinuses so you can breathe better. In addition, the product can trick your body into thinking your sinuses are clear. Many times, the psychological effect is enough to get you breathing better so you can sleep through the night.

When you use this product, ensure that you don't put it directly on your face, as it can cause problems. It's best used on your chest, or in a humidifier.

Get Toasty

Another way to clear the sinuses also means pampering yourself.

Take a warm bath or shower to get your body temperature up and let the steam from the water go to work, wrap up in some soft, fluffy pajamas, and curl up with your favorite blanket on the couch or in bed. Surround yourself with lots of comfy hotel pillows and grab a mug full of your favorite hot beverage — cider, coffee, tea or even a cup of soup. The steam from the drink will help loosen things up while the act of drinking will help clear things out. Settle in with your favorite movie or a great book while your body does the rest.

Lots of sleep and relaxation is the key to keeping congestion at bay. Ensure that you are eating properly and taking your vitamins to keep your body strong and healthy.

Don't Suffer with Congestion

You don't have to rely on over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs to ward off discomfort. You likely have all of the necessary things in your home to clear your sinuses and keep yourself healthy so you can enjoy the beautiful winter months and the holiday season. Remember, the best way to keep colds and flu at bay is to take care of yourself properly: get plenty of rest, visit the doctor when necessary, get a flu shot, and eat a healthy diet.