Sleep Trends of 2023: Stay on the Cutting Edge with these Weird and Wonderful Ways to Catch Some Zzz’s

Posted by Julie Carter on 31st May 2023

Sleep Trends of 2023: Stay on the Cutting Edge with these Weird and Wonderful Ways to Catch Some Zzz’s

Sleep is a magical thing. It rejuvenates the body and refreshes the mind, preparing us for whatever challenges lie ahead. 2023 brings a range of intriguing trends to doze off in style. From bamboo pajamas to mouth taping, we''' take you on a journey through the hottest sleep fads of the year. So, get ready to be on the cutting edge of fashionable sleep trends and discover the unconventional, new, and even weird ways to catch those precious Zzz's.

Sleep Tourism

    Sleep Tourism is shaking up the hospitality industry with a new wave of luxury sleep experiences. Hotels and wellness resorts are embracing the trend by introducing unique accommodations, sleep spas, and immersive experiences that turn slumber into an exciting adventure. Imagine sleeping on a smart mattress with advanced AI technology that adjusts body support and room temperature throughout the night for personalized comfort. Combined with aromatherapy oil diffusers, luxury blackout curtains, and a sleep concierge, you might find it hard to leave the comfort of your bed. Additional amenities may include healing sound bath therapy, hypnotherapy, weighted blankets, or a luxury pillow menu. With sleep travel gaining popularity worldwide, the future of tourism might prioritize staying in bed over exploring the outdoors.

Mouth Taping

Ready to tape your way to a snore-free slumber? Mouth taping, the latest TikTok sensation with a whopping 38.5 million views, involves placing a piece of tape on your lips to promote nose breathing during sleep. Fans swear by its magical benefits: adios snoring, dry mouth, and bad breath! Plus, it's a win-win for your lungs since nose breathing humidifies and filters air better than its mouth counterpart. Some TikTokkers say they even feel sharper and more focused during the day. But hold on tight, as research on this quirky trend is scarce. So, while we can't guarantee its effectiveness or safety, it's definitely a conversation starter (or ender, depending on the type of tape)!

Bamboo Pajamas

Move over bamboo sheets, bamboo pajamas are the new cat’s pajamas! Bamboo sheets have already gained popularity for their softness, eco-friendliness, and durability. But why dress your bed in opulent luxury when you can wrap it around yourself! These silky-smooth sleep companions are all the rage, complete with moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool for uninterrupted sleep.

Blackout Window Film

Blackout window film has emerged as a popular trend in the quest for a dark and tranquil sleep environment. This innovative solution offers a practical, cost-effective alternative to expensive blackout shades or curtains. Simply adhere a specialized static cling film to your windows to create a pitch-black sanctuary. (There are plenty of TikTok tutorials if you need help). Blackout film also keeps your room cool and offers privacy from the outside world. The only downside to this craze is that, unless you work night shifts, you may miss natural sunlight pouring into your room during the day. However, it doesn’t seem to bother those who swear by this trend. Perhaps they’ve discovered the secret to creating a sleep oasis is by keeping the bedroom a dark place.

Icy Water Face Plunge

Get ready to hold your breath. This next sleep trend will leave you shivering – literally. Submerging your face into freezing water may be the secret to a better night’s sleep. This unconventional action triggers the Mammalian Diving Reflex and stimulates the vagus nerve, which automatically shuts down parts of the body. It slows heart rate, lowers blood pressure, relaxes the nervous system, and promotes a sense of calm. To perform this technique, take a deep breath and immerse your face in icy water for 15-30 seconds. Take the plunge and discover a new way to prepare your body for restful slumber.

Left Nostril Breathing

Left nostril breathing, or alternate nostril breathing, is a technique to calm the nervous system, ease anxiety, and quiet the mind’s relentless chatter. Originating from ancient yogic traditions, it offers a simple yet effective way to balance energy flow. Don't be intimidated—it's easier than it sounds. Lay on your right side and cover your right nostril with your thumb. Take long slow breaths in and out of the left nostril for 3-5 minutes. Then return to your natural breath and feel the calm - if you're not already asleep.

Pink and Brown Noise

Discover the sleep trend that's captivated sleep-deprived social media scrollers:

pink noise and brown noise. White noise may sound like static, but pink noise offers a softer alternative that's easier on the ears. Pink noise resembles the soothing sound of rainfall while promoting better sleep and improved memory. Meanwhile, brown noise, with its deeper, natural tones, has recently gained popularity on TikTok, boasting over 84.3 million views under the #brownnoise hashtag. It helps block out background noise and quiets the mind, providing a soothing experience akin to the sound of a rushing river. So, join the viral sensation and let pink and brown noise serenade you into a blissful slumber.

Natural Sleep Supplements

Natural sleep supplements are soaring in popularity, surpassing traditional over-the-counter and prescription medications. The growing awareness of side effects and lack of trust in the pharmaceutical industry has people opting for natural herbs and minerals. From calming chamomile to sleep-inducing valerian root, these supplements provide a gentle pathway to dreamland without the risk of dependency or morning grogginess. Embrace this trendy and natural solution for a peaceful night's sleep.

While exploring the exciting sleep trends of 2023, it's important to remember that a good night's rest is more than a fad. No matter how enticing sleep travel and AI-enhanced products may be, a quality pillow and hotel bedding are the foundation for optimal rest. So, as you embark on your quest for the perfect slumber, remember to invest in the fundamentals. After all, what’s the point in attempting a face plunge without a cozy cocoon to retreat to?

  1. Photo by Josue Velasquez