Hotel Pillows

Hotel Style PillowsIf you travel often, you know how wonderful a newly discovered hotel pillow can feel. Not only do we supply the best hotels, resorts and cruise lines around the world, but we can help you find that comfort at home.  This collection of 'hotel pillows' are the same pillows you enjoyed while traveling. We have curated this collection to include the most popular styles used at 3, 4 and 5 star properties.

Please note: we make hundreds of pillow styles for various hotels. Don't guess which pillow you loved. Instead, use our hotel bedding finder. If you are in a room with a favorite hotel pillow, you can skip the wizard and browse the collection below.

What makes a hotel pillow?

Your pillow will feature a very durable 230 thread count cambric cotton fabric. Assembled in the USA these comfortable hotel bed pillows can be machine washed and dried over and over for many years.

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