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The Secret to Getting a Better Night's Sleep Every Time

What does it take to get a good night's sleep every single night? You are not born with bad sleep habits, they develop through your life. If you want to start sleeping better, you have to find ways to undo these bad habits and replace them with good ones.Why Good Sleep Matters There is more going on when you sleep than you might realize. Sleep gives your body time to restore and repair, which…

3 Home Remedies for Congestion

It's happened to everyone. It's late, your nose is stuffy, and you can't breathe. You shuffle to the medicine cabinet and dig around for some relief, to no avail. There are no pills that can fix your congestion. It's too late to head to the store and you definitely don't want to shed your comfy pajamas. You'll just have to suffer through the night, right? Not necessarily. You likely have seve…