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Adapt to Seasonal Changes: Regain a Healthy Sleep Pattern

Seasonal changes can wreak havoc on your sleep pattern. Summer’s sweltering heat and humidity, winter’s biting cold, spring’s allergens and rain, and fall’s shortening daylight hours all have the potential to impede upon your sleep. While you can't fight Mother Nature, there is a quick and easy fix: change your bedding. Huffington Post details how weather and seasonal changes influence sleep.…

The More You Know – Where We Get Our Down

A lot of customers ask us where our down comes from, or how we get it. The sourcing of our high quality down and feathers starts with long-term and trusted relationships between experienced buyers and established suppliers. Within our supply chain management, we believe in the ethical treatment of waterfowl. Utilizing our Down-Trac™ process, we source natural down and feather material from all…

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