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5 Fast Ways to Unwind After a Long Day at the Office

If you find that your days are so hectic that you just can’t wait to crawl into bed and pass out every evening, you’re not doing yourself or your family any favors. If you don't ever relax, stress can lead to loss of productivity at work and life-changing health problems like headaches, heart disease, obesity, and depression. But you can take better care of yourself by practicing some s…

Is Your Teen Ready for Dorm Life?

No doubt you’ve been thinking about college for your teen since they were born. Then, all of a sudden, they’ve graduated high school and college is no longer just an idea, it’s a reality. Move-in day is around the corner, and you can hear the seconds ticking away. There’s still so much to prepare, and what bedding items should you purchase for the dorm should be near the top. You want to give…

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