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How To Fluff a Feather Bed

Who doesn't love a freshly fluffed feather bed that you can sink into? The reason why folks love feather beds is that they get to experience a plush cloud-like comfort which feather beds provide. Feather beds come in a few different styles ranging from baffle box, channel and the Euro bag. Sometimes the products are quilted or feature a polyester or down top for comfort. In all cases, feather b…

3 Ways to Avoid Screen Time at Night

Think about your daily routine. In our globally-connected world, we are all constantly communicating, whether it's first thing in the morning or very late at night. We wake up and check Facebook, twitter, etc. We check our email multiple times throughout the day. We surf the web as we watch TV. Then before bedtime, we relax by reading our favorite novel on our e-reader or checking social media one…

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