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Dress Your Mattress Right With Luxurious Bedding

Sometimes, getting home from work isn't the end of your day. There’s dinner to be made, homework to be checked, pets to be walked, dishes to be put away, and, let’s face it, that pile of laundry isn’t likely to wash, dry, and fold itself. But then, finally, it’s time for sleep and you envision how fantastic lying down in your perfect bed is going to feel. This is where the vision…

4 Dietary Changes to Help Sleep Quality

Loss of mental focus, frequent illnesses, a foul mood, and even food cravings might all be signs that you are suffering from sleep deprivation. Joy Bauer, a leading nutrition expert and health expert for "The Today Show" notes that diet can be a major influencer of the quality of sleep that people experience. Consider these four tips to learn more about the types of food to eat or…

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