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Why a $50 Bedding Set Isn't Worth It

It sounds like a dream come true. You see an amazing bedding set on clearance at your favorite store and it's the exact color palette you've been looking for! You can redecorate your King-sized bed for only $50. However, you should wait and consider your purchase. An inexpensive bedding set may not be the best investment for your home or your sleep.Here are some tips to make sure you get the be…

Bed Making Hacks for a Put Together Look in a Flash

Is making the bed one of the chores you dread each day? Maybe you hate tucking the sheets in or cannot get the pillows to look right? Perhaps it’s the comforter that always gives you trouble? While bed making may not be an exact science, there are life hacks you can use to make the process easier, and the end-result more polished.Exercise Your Bed Making Skills If speed is your goal, then tak…

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