Extra Soft Down Pillow - Great For Stomach Sleepers & Folks With Neck Issues

Extra Soft Down Pillow

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Back by popular request we are showcasing our Extra Soft Down Pillow (also called a face down pillow). The extra soft density is made for a small portion of sleepers who find most bed pillows to be too full. Please note: this is a very flat pillow. Many customers have bought this pillow thinking extra soft means extra fluffy, this is not the case. It is also a great way to add a layer of cushion on an existing feather pillow. 

  • 525 to 550 Fill Power White Duck Down
  • Easy Care: Machine Washable & Dryable
  • Soft 250 Thread Count Cotton Damask in Blue
  • Extra Soft - Perfect for Consumers with Severe Neck Issues
  • RestAssured Hypoallergenic Down
  • Shell Made in China. Filled and Finished in the USA of Imported Materials

Sizes & Fillings:

  • Standard Size 20 x 26 with 12 oz.
  • Queen Size 20 x 30 with 14 oz.
  • King Size 20 x 36 with 16 oz.
extra soft
1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Product Reviews

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Not what I was expecting.
Written by Michael on 7th Oct 2017

I'm about to return this pillow for a refund or maybe a exchange. If I can find one. I'm so picky it's crazy. But this pillow when I got it was all AIR. I mean I was looking for a pillow ( since mine is so old ) that was flat not fluffy but one you could fold in half and curl into but had some life to it or some weight and I'm stomach sleeper. But this pillow with all the 5 star reviews here. I though I could not go wrong. But I was shocked how nothing this pillow was. If this is your kind of pillow more power to you. But it's like a pancake. There's nothing in it. Not sure what kind of my current pillow was. But it's not foam I'll say that much. It might be feathers but it's not fluffy but like I said it has some weight to it but at the same time I'm able to easily fold in half might be from how old it is. But for now that's the only pillow I can sleep on. Fluffy puffy pillows is out.

best pillow
Written by lynn on 15th Sep 2017

I like a soft pillow, and have spent much fruitless time looking for just this. This is the best pillow!!! Perfect for those wanting a truly soft pillow.

Stomach sleepers
Written by Monica on 14th Sep 2017

If you sleep face down this is a must have. Your neck will thank you. Pillow is pouffy when not in use then sinks in allowing your head to lay flat. Great quality and comfort especially when used with the quilted pillow protector.

Extra Soft Pillow
Written by Jo-Ann on 3rd Jul 2017

Perfect pillow. I don't like over stuffed pillows, this is perfect. So perfect that I am buying a second one right now!

Extra Flat Down Pillow
Written by Ken on 30th Jan 2017

Great pillow, just what I was looking for. Very nice case, very very comfortable. Buying another one.

Written by S. Wells on 21st Jan 2017

Great pillow

Extra soft down pillow FAR BEYOND AMAZING!
Written by Debi on 16th Jan 2017

Unless you are that person whose one quest in life has been to find that PERFECT pillow, then you may not understand that understand that it's harder than finding your perfect someone. I have lived with, married and broken up with so many pillows! From the very first night I slept on this pillow I knew my search was over. This soft soft pillow gently receives your head and cradles your neck just ever so slightly. It's the pillow that brings deep, undisturbed, restful, peaceful sleep. I'm OVER THE MOON IN LOVE WITH THIS PILLOW!!!

Pillow so Soft and Thin !
Written by Jennie S. on 20th Dec 2016

Excellent Pillow for me. I have neck pain and I need to sleep with a almost flat pillow. This one is Perfect ! Soft and I just Love it. Highly Recommend this Pillow if you need a Soft almost flat pillow.

Perfect .. exactly what I was looking for!!
Written by LP on 16th Dec 2016

I have searched for a soft flat pillow and could not find one anywhere. I've bought countless pillows that proclaimed to be soft and flat .. only to get them home and discover they are like a brick. This pillow is exactly what I was looking for and I am so pleased to have finally found it at Downlite. Restful sleep and no more aches in my neck the next morning. I'm thinking of getting another one just to have a spare. Thank you Downlite .. I definitely have you saved in my 'favorites' list.

Written by undefined on 10th Dec 2016

I'm a belly sleeper, and over the years I've spent lots of money and many sleepless nights looking for the right pillow. Well, the search is over. This pillow was perfect right out of the box. Belly sleepers, look no more. This. Is. The. One.

Mr Squishy
Written by Mrs Squishy on 1st Dec 2016

I love this pillow so much I gave it a name. I'm a stomach sleeper. This pillow is so soft and forms exactly as I need it to for a perfect night sleep. I've had my old one for many years. It's getting a little thin and I'm so happy I found the manufacturer on the tag so I can buy some more and can continue to have a perfect nights sleep for years to come. Thank you!!

Love These Pillows
Written by Deanna Anderson on 22nd Nov 2016

Sleeping on them for about a week now. They are perfect for us. Not stuffed so much that you get a kink in your neck. Not all that flat either. We will be ordering more.

Thumbs up for down!!
Written by undefined on 22nd Nov 2016

These down pillows are exactly what we had been searching for. They are extremely comfortable and, although not inexpensive, we'll worth the price. Free shipping was a real plus.

A very special pillow
Written by undefined on 27th Oct 2016

Reminded me of my childhood. Straight out of the box it's like sleeping on a dream. I love it.

Exactly what I was looking for!
Written by Mart on 18th Oct 2016

I have spent hundreds of dollar looking for a down pillow that doesn't give me a headache due to a high loft. I am so excited to find this pillow. It's so soft and absolutely perfect. Finally I'm getting a good nights sleep. Thank you, thank you!

super soft and moldable
Written by Babba Ganoosh on 14th Aug 2016

All the reviews are spot on! If other so-called soft pillows are still too hard, this one will be perfect. I have looked for 5 years to replace my 30 year old drool infested salami smelling soft pillows. No other pillow has come close. I knew as soon as I read the other reviews this was going to be the perfect pillow, and it is everything every one else claims. Perfect

Immediate Relief For Those With Neck Trauma~
Written by SweetPea on 16th Jul 2016

I have sustained a number of whiplash injuries which eventually resulted in three neck surgeries, eventually a fusion. In my experience, most people who suffer from neck trauma do better with a very soft pillow which is almost nearly impossible to find. A number of years ago I purchased one of DownLite's soft pillows and it provides me with such a refreshing sleep and more relief from neck pain than a pain pill. I have since purchased several more of these soft pillows for friends and family who also find immense relief and refreshing sleep. Initially I ordered the soft feather pillow but there is way too much support in that particular pillow for those with bad necks. I would encourage you to consider this pillow instead even though it is a little more expensive. This very soft down pillow is exactly the help your neck is crying out for. I am vastly relieved to be able to sleep and wake up without an unremitting headache! I would also encourage those who purchase this pillow to buy a larger pillow protector than the pillow. This ensures that the pillow has room to "soften" out and not become too contained in a smaller pillow protector, making it more adjustable to one's particular needs. DownLite has an excellent return policy and their customer service is friendly, generous, and pleasant to do business with. Actually, I believe they have the best customer service I have ever dealt with! You can't go wrong with this pillow or DownLite~*~

Love It!
Written by undefined on 25th May 2016

Love the flat pillow. I have been looking for years for one to replace my old one which was flat from years of use. It is very close to my old one without spending years to get it broken in. Thicker ones just give me a neck ache.

Finally - a pillow that I've been searching for
Written by Karen S on 22nd Apr 2016

I have had my different brand soft down pillows for probably 35 years. They have been washed so many times and they are so old that the fabric is now so thin it's hard to mend. I've been searching for a extra soft down pillows for longer than I care to admit. Nothing ever matched my expectations. I found your site and the description you posted about each level of softness fit my list so I went ahead and ordered one.......WOW - It's exactly what I have been looking for. I love it so much I just ordered more. The quality of the pillow covering and the down are far better than I ever expected for such a reasonable price. You now have a customer that will be telling everyone I know about how good your products are. Thank you!!

Written by undefined on 13th Mar 2016


Love it!
Written by undefined on 25th Feb 2016

I have been looking for this pillow for years! Too fluffy pillows give me s stiff neck, but don't like no pillow either. My head just molds into it.

Nice and Flat!
Written by undefined on 10th Jan 2016

I've bought soft pillows from numerous places including Downlite and they've all been too firm for my liking. When I saw the this flat pillow, I thought I'd give it a try. This is exactly what I've been looking for. It's nice and fluffy, but smashes down around your head.

Had to have this pillow
Written by Sandy on 2nd Dec 2015

Who would have guessed I would find my perfect pillow while staying at a hotel in Miami? I had to have this pillow so I went to the manager and asked if I could purchase one from him and he told me he would love to accommodate me but he just sold seven pillows to a man from Brazil and didn't have extra. I went back to my room and took the information from the pillow and was pleasantly surprised to find it was made not only in the USA but in my home state, Ohio. I immediately called Downlite when I got home, ordered two pillows and received them in two days. I just ordered two more for Christmas gifts and am spreading the word. Thanks for making the pillow of my dreams!

Fantastic super soft pillow
Written by Deb on 19th Oct 2015

This is the most wonderful super soft squishy pillow. I look forward to sleeping on it each night.

Finally found them!
Written by undefined on 6th Oct 2015

I have been searching for this type of pillow for years. I purchased them for my grandson's. They have always loved "Yaya's Wooby" and I have shared it with them...until I'm ready for bed. Now that I've finally found the Downlite pillows...everyone in the family will be getting one. Now to find a pillow case as soft as the one I have. Unbelievably soft! Thanks downlite!!!

Very good pillow for side sleepers!
Written by undefined on 17th Jun 2015

As a side sleeper, I find two of these pillows are just perfect for me. I slide my arm between them, then "scrunch" the top one comfortably under my neck. When needed, they can be washed easily. They are well constructed, and if cared for properly, last a long time.

Love them!
Written by Adrian on 12th Apr 2015

We just love our downlite pillows! Thank you for your great product.

Extra Soft Down pillow
Written by Darlene Sonnier on 10th Mar 2015

I have a congenital neck condition that makes sleeping on a regular pillow impossible. I have spent hundreds on trying to find the right pillow. I went online after someone told me about trying to find a down pillow. I am so glad I found this pillow. It is so comfortable. I am going to buy another one so that when this one wears out I'll have an extra one. What a find!!!!

Very "scrunchable" pillow....a good thing!
Written by undefined on 25th Feb 2015

I've been looking for a very flat down pillow for a long time. While I sometimes sleep on my stomach and use it for that I mainly use it when I sleep on my side. I have a shoulder problem and when I sleep on my side my shoulder drops and it's very painful and I've lost tons of sleep because of this. I've tried propping it up on many things, including other types of pillows, but this is the only thing that has worked. I can scrunch it up and prop my arm up on it and it works beautifully. It's soft and stays cool. If anything I wish it was a tad flatter. Well worth the money, you won't be sorry.

not too much
Written by undefined on 20th Feb 2015

I like a nice squishy pillow so I was afraid it wouldn't be as hugable as the one I've had for years, but it is perfect.

Just what I wanted!
Written by undefined on 12th Feb 2015

Nice and soft. Nice and flat.

Written by Vickie on 4th Feb 2015

I wanted a super soft pillow that I could sink my head into - I called in a spoke to an amazing Customer Service Rep - she knew exactly what I was looking for (extremely helpful) - love this pillow.

Written by Shirley Lindsey on 24th Jan 2015

I am quite happy with this pillow. I don't know how many pillows I have bought over the years trying to find one that I could wad up and make it comfortable for me. I have neck problems and most pillows are too thick. I highly recommend this one.

Exactly what I've been looking for
Written by Marilyn on 18th Jan 2015

At first they sent me the wrong pillow and it was a hassle to get that corrected, but I had to give this 5 stars because it is perfect and exactly what I've been looking for. If you want a pillow that is exactly the way it is described, this is it--extra soft, down (no feathers), very flat. My son, daughter, and daughter-in-law have also looked everywhere for a pillow like this and, once they saw mine, they all want some.

Great pillow for people with neck issues
Written by undefined on 15th Jan 2015

I suffer with ligament damage in my neck and fibryalgia which results in sleep issues. This pillow is very comfortable and since I have been using it, I may wake up once during the night but go right back to sleep!

Great pillow
Written by Bill on 28th Dec 2014

Exactly the pillow I was looking for. Very soft and flat but provides just the amount of support I want.

Written by undefined on 27th Dec 2014

A true "squishy" pillow!

Written by undefined on 24th Dec 2014

Super soft and flat. This is what I've been looking for. May not be for every body but perfect for me.

Extra Soft Down Pillows are great!
Written by undefined on 15th Dec 2014

We love these, they are very fluffy and soft. They ARE very flat though so may not be for everybody.

Written by undefined on 13th Dec 2014

The caution folks that this is a "flat" pillow -- but it molds exactly to what I want as supporting my head and neck - important for someone who has had 2 neck operations and has arthritis issues -- WOW, IT'S GREAT!!!!

Best Pillow EVER!
Written by Patty on 3rd Nov 2014

I'd been searching for a very soft, squishable pillow as I sleep on my side, back, and stomach! This one is perfect. It's fluffy enough to support me on my back or side, and squishy enough to be perfect when I sleep on my stomach.

Perfect for my neck
Written by undefined on 14th Oct 2014

I just got my pillow and it is everything I wanted. Just very soft, fluffy and I can scrunch it under my neck or hug it for side sleeping. Love it.!

Extra soft doen pillow
Written by Dee on 14th Oct 2014

These pillows are very soft and easily adjust under your neck for comfort. I love these softer flat pillows since they scrunch with ease. Glad I found this pillow. I have tried so many this one is perfect. Will continue to use. Thanks for keeping this particular pillow available.